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Beth Moore Net Worth

Beth Moore Net Worth

$10 Million

Beth Moore is a successful and inspiring woman with Net Worth around $10 million. 

She says that “faith means believing in a strong God even when things are tough’’ This shows her determination and trust in God. 

We’ll look at how she earned her money, what she does with it to help others, and how it affects her work in the Christian community. 

Join us as we explore Beth Moore’s journey from faith to financial success.

Beth Moore’s Personal Details

Full NameWanda Elizabeth Green
Date of Birth16 June 1957
Marital StatusMarried
BirthplaceGreen Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.
Beth Moore Height1.62m
Beth Moore Weight58 kg
Husband/Spouse (Name)Keith Moore (m. 1978)
Children/KidsYes (Amanda and Melissa)
ProfessionAmerican Author, Evangelist, and Bible Teacher
Beth Moore Net Worth$10 Million

Who is Beth Moore? 

Beth Moore is a renowned American Christian teacher and author. 

In 1994, she took the initiative to establish Living Proof Ministries, an organization with a singular goal: helping women deepen their understanding of Jesus through the study of the Bible. 

This impactful Christian ministry is headquartered in Texas and has touched the lives of countless women seeking spiritual growth and wisdom.

Beth Moore Background and Childhood

Beth Moore, born on 16 June 1957, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, spent her formative years in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. 

Her family had a strong connection to the cinema industry, with her father owning a local cinema. 

Growing up as one of five children, each member of the family played a role in contributing to the family business from a young age.

Beth Moore Early Church Experience

Beth Moore’s upbringing was closely connected to the Southern Baptist Church. 

She not only attended church services but was a dedicated member, actively participating three times a week. 

For Beth, the church served as a sanctuary, offering solace from the hardships of the sexual abuse she endured at home.

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Beth Moore Academic Journey 

Driven by her thirst for knowledge, Beth Moore embarked on a path to higher education. 

She set her sights on Texas State University, where she diligently pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. 

During her time at the university, she also became a member of the Chi Omega sorority, further enriching her collegiate experience.

Beth Moore
Image Source – Facebook (Living Proof Ministries with Beth Moore)

Beth Moore Family and Faith Journey

Beth Moore and her husband, Keith, got married in 1978. 

Keith’s family was Catholic, and he continued his father’s plumbing business. 

They have two daughters, Amanda and Melissa, who also work with their mom at Living Proof Ministries. 

She and her husband go to an Anglican Church in Spring, Texas, where they worship and are part of the community.

Beth Moore Multiple Properties

Beth Moore, the evangelist and author, often goes on trips for her work. Her main home is in Texas, where her ministry office is. 

She has a few different houses. One is on a big 45-acre piece of land in rich Tomball, Texas. This place has lots of special things inside and outside, like golf carts and tractors. 

There’s another house on 45 acres in Tomball, where her parents used to live. The total size of these houses is about 6,600 square feet.

Beth also has a third place in Menard, Texas, on a ranch with a farmhouse and a big barn. 

She also has a fourth house on the waterfront in Galveston with a private beach. She used to have a cabin in Jackson, Wyoming, near Yellowstone Park and the Teton Mountains.

In total, Beth Moore has four places she owns, and her main one is in Tomball, Texas.

Beth Moore Impact in the Christian Community

Beth Moore is widely recognized for her inspirational talks and numerous authored books.

Her collaboration with LifeWay Christian Resources has resulted in the creation of “Living Proof Live” events held throughout the United States, attracting large audiences eager to deepen their faith.

These events also feature the uplifting music of Travis Cottrell.

Beth Moore
Image Source – Facebook (Living Proof Ministries with Beth Moore)

Beth Moore Spreading Faith Worldwide

Beth Moore extends her influence beyond the United States by traveling to countries like Ireland, England, and India.

She shares her profound knowledge and insights on the Bible with women seeking spiritual enrichment in international settings.

In 2021, Beth Moore and her husband made a significant decision to join the Anglican Church, marking a significant spiritual commitment.

Beth Moore Early Start in Ministry

Beth Moore’s journey in Christian ministry began when she was just 18 years old.

Her desire to deepen her understanding of the Bible started while volunteering as a Sunday school teacher.

This passion led her to attend a biblical doctrine class, sparking her yearning for profound biblical knowledge.

From Small Study Group to National Speaking Ministry of Beth Moore

Subsequently, Beth Moore initiated a weekly Bible study class, and it grew significantly to include 2,000 women by the mid-1990s.

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Despite her lack of formal theological education, her Bible studies gained attention from LifeWay Christian Resources, leading to their publication in 1994.

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of her national speaking ministry, where she passionately shared her biblical insights with audiences across the United States.

Notable Achievements In 2008 by Beth Moore

Beth Moore organized a remarkable online event known as a simulcast, which reached an estimated 70,000 viewers spread across 715 locations. 

Additionally, her book about the story of Esther became a notable success, contributing significantly to strong book sales during a challenging economic period.

Beth Moore Perspective on Gender Roles 

While Beth Moore once adhered to the belief in distinct roles for men and women within the church, her perspective shifted over time. 

She faced criticism from some male leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention who believed that women should not speak on Sundays, a practice that contradicted their interpretation of the Bible regarding women’s roles in teaching. 

This shift in perspective marked an important development in her journey within the Christian community.

Beth Moore Theological Shift and Departure from Southern Baptist Convention

Beth Moore change in theological beliefs, moving from complementarianism to egalitarianism, led her to make a significant decision. 

She chose to leave the Southern Baptist Convention, an organization that holds a complementarian viewpoint. 

In March 2021, she publicly announced this decision, clarifying that while she still considered herself a Baptist, she no longer identified as a Southern Baptist. 

Along with this change, she also ended her publishing collaboration with LifeWay Christian.

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The Anglican Path Chosen by Beth Moore

Subsequently, Beth Moore’s affiliation with the Anglican faith became widely known. She officially joined the Anglican Church in North America. 

This news was accompanied by photographs showing her actively participating in Anglican Eucharistic services. 

However, this transition stirred criticism from certain Baptist ministers who disagreed with her choice.

Bishop Clark Lowenfield’s Support for Beth Moore

In response to the criticism, Bishop Clark Lowenfield of the Anglican Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast expressed his strong support for Beth Moore. 

He emphasized his role as her spiritual overseer and commended her for her humility and grace. 

Additionally, he offered prayers for those who had treated her unkindly during this period.

Beth Moore Views on Politics and Society:

Beth Moore’s opinions about politics and society are like her beliefs:

Not Like Liberals or Feminists

She doesn’t think like liberals or feminists. She has different thoughts.

Against Abortion

She doesn’t support abortion. She believes in not allowing it.

Talking About White Supremacy

In August 2020, she talked about how white supremacy still exists in some parts of the church. It’s because people who are racist have stayed there for a long time.

Disagreeing with Evangelical Response to Politicians Accused of Sexual Abuse

Beth Moore doesn’t agree with some parts of the Evangelical group. They ignore the bad things done by politicians who are accused of hurting others, like Donald Trump and Roy Moore.

She was surprised that many people in the Evangelical group supported Donald Trump, even after a tape came out where he said mean things about women in October 2016.

Beth didn’t understand how he became a big deal in the Evangelical group. She also doesn’t like Trumpism, which she thinks is dangerous, and Christian nationalism, which she thinks is not right.

Beth Moore Fight Against Sexual Abuse

Beth Moore’s work against sexual abuse comes from her own experiences and her belief in justice:

She Survived Sexual Abuse:

Beth Moore has shared that she survived sexual abuse when she was a child, and it happened in her own home.

Supporting #MeToo and People Hurt by Sexual Abuse:

After seeing the #MeToo movement and a report in her local newspaper about 700 cases of sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention, she became a supporter for people who survived sexual abuse.

She shared her own story and listened to others who survived. She also wanted the church to look at the bad things that happened and try to stop them.

Speaking Against Male Church Leaders:

Beth Moore is not afraid to tell male church leaders when they are treating women badly or not believing people who say they were hurt. She wants the church leaders to change how they act and think about these problems.

Beth Moore Literary and Media Works

1.When Good People Make Bad Choices (2002): 

This book talks about why good people sometimes do wrong things. It helps you understand why and how to get back on track. ISBN: 978-0-8054-2465-2

2.Believing in God (2004): 

In this book, Beth Moore encourages you to trust in God’s promises. It’s about having faith in God and His goodness. ISBN: 978-0-80543189-6

3.Who Can You Trust? (2007): 

This is an audio and video series by Beth Moore that talks about trust. It helps you think about who you should trust.

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4.Escape from Life’s Pits (2007): 

In this book, Beth Moore gives advice on how to get out of tough situations. It guides you to find relief from life’s challenges. ISBN: 978-1-59145-552-3

5.Songs of Freedom (2006): 

This is a CD with songs about being set free. Beth Moore adds a musical touch to her teachings.

6.Living Life to the Fullest (2006): 

This audio and video series, featuring Beth Moore, talks about living a full and spiritually rich life.

7.Overcoming Insecurity (2010): 

Beth Moore’s book tackles the issue of feeling insecure. It encourages you to break free from insecurity and feel more confident. ISBN: 978-1-4143-3472-1

8.Finding Deliverance (2017): 

This is a revised edition of her earlier book on deliverance. It offers straightforward advice on overcoming life’s challenges. ISBN: 978-0-71809582-6

9.The Mystery of Saint Silvanus (2017): 

Beth Moore’s novel tells a story about family secrets and mysteries. It explores themes of forgiveness and redemption. ISBN: 978-1-49641648-3

10.My Tangled Life: A Memoir (2023): 

In her latest work, Beth Moore shares her life story and experiences. This memoir gives you insights into her personal journey and faith. ISBN: 978-1-49647267-0

Beth Moore Bible studies

1.Discovering Paul’s Life and Ministry (1997):

This study explores the life and teachings of the apostle Paul. ISBN: 978-0767334129

2.Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit (1998):

This study delves into the qualities known as the “Fruit of the Spirit” found in the Bible. ISBN: 978-0-767392754

3.Breaking Free (1999):

A study that helps people break free from various life challenges.

4.Getting to Know Jesus (2002):

This study focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus. ISBN: 0-8054-2489-X

5.Resisting Temptation (2002):

A study about maintaining godly behavior in a seductive world. ISBN: 0-8054-2465-2

6.Following John to Jesus’ Heart (2003):

This study follows the life of the apostle John and his relationship with Jesus. ISBN: 0-8054-2753-8

7.Believing in God’s Promises (2004):

A study that encourages faith in God’s promises. ISBN: 0-8054-3189-6

8.Exploring the Lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (2005):

This study dives into the stories of these biblical patriarchs. ISBN: 0-633-09906-6

9.Understanding the Book of Daniel (2006):

A study on the book of Daniel and his prophetic words. ISBN: 978-1-4158-2588-4

10.Discovering God’s Dwelling Place (2007):

This study explores the concept of God’s dwelling place.

11.Studying Psalms of Ascent (2007):

A study on the Psalms of Ascent, which are a set of psalms in the Bible. ISBN: 978-1415857434

12.Understanding the Story of Esther (2008):

A study that delves into the biblical story of Esther. ISBN: 1-4158-5289-8

13.Learning About Revelation (2009):

A lecture series on the book of Revelation in the Bible.

14.Exploring the Life of David (2010):

This study delves into the life of King David and his heart for God. ISBN: 978-1-4158-6948-2

15.Understanding the Book of James (2011):

A study focused on the Book of James and the theme of mercy. ISBN: 978-1-4158-7171-3

16.Exploring 1 & 2 Thessalonians (2014):

This study examines the biblical books of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. ISBN: 978-1-43002860-4

17.Learning to Pray God’s Word (2015):

A study that helps individuals learn how to pray using scripture. ISBN: 978-1-43004330-0

18.Studying 2 Timothy (2016):

This study focuses on the book of 2 Timothy in the Bible. ISBN: 978-1-430055006

19.Embarking on a Quest for Intimacy with God (2017):

A study aimed at drawing closer to God. ISBN: 978-1462766611

20.Experiencing God’s Power in Difficult Times (2019):

This study explores finding strength in God during challenging times. ISBN: 978-1-40410924-7

21.Discovering an Abundantly Fruitful Life (2020):

A study on living a fruitful life. ISBN: 978149644088

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Insights into Beth Moore Net Worth 2024

Beth Moore estimated net worth in 2024 stands at around $10 million. What’s particularly intriguing is her ownership of four impressive properties, comprising two expansive 45-acre residences, a ranch, and her current delightful home. 

In addition to her real estate assets, Beth Moore enjoys the luxury of a personal boat. While she doesn’t possess a private jet, she has access to one, generously provided by LifeWay.

A substantial portion of Beth Moore’s net worth for 2024 is attributed to the remarkable success of her bestselling books. 

Several of her renowned literary works have generated millions of dollars in earnings. 

Additionally, she is actively involved in various other business ventures. 

While Beth Moore’s income may fluctuate over time, it is evident that she is thriving in her career and financial pursuits.

Beth Moore Net Worth Over the Years

YearNet Worth
Net Worth 2024$10 million
Net Worth 2020$0.8 million
Beth Moore Net Worth Table

Books study by Beth Moore

Book TitleYouTube Link
When Godly People Do Ungodly ThingsWatch here
Get Out Of That PitWatch here
Believing GodWatch here
So Long Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to UsWatch here
Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God’s DeliveranceN/A

Beth Moore Social Media Presence (2024)

Social Media PlatformLinkFollowers
InstagramBeth Moore’s Instagram604K
Facebook Living Proof Ministries with Beth Moore775K
YouTubeBeth Moore’s YouTube Channel71.4K
Social Platforms

In Closing 

Beth Moore incredible journey, substantial net worth, and profound influence in Christian ministry serve as both an inspiration and a poignant reminder.

They teach us that faith, unwavering determination, and the willingness to embrace change can lead to extraordinary achievements. 

As we contemplate Beth Moore’s life and her steadfast commitment to her beliefs, her own words echo in our hearts:

When we carry out our divine mission aligned with our faith and calling, we will always find the support we need from God. 

Beth Moore

This reminder underscores the potential of staying true to our purpose and faith, enabling us to overcome obstacles and make a profound impact on the lives of many. 

Beth Moore’s journey is a beacon of hope and inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of faith for all of us.

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