Ice Poseidon Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Career, and More

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Ice Poseidon Net Worth

Ice Poseidon Net Worth

$3 Million

In 2024, Ice Poseidon estimated Net Worth is approximately $3 Million.

Ice Poseidon is a renowned internet personality and content creator, known for live streaming, primarily in the gaming.

Biographical Information of Ice Poseidon 

Full NamePaul Denino
Popular NameIce Poseidon
Birth DateSeptember 29, 1994
Age28 years
ParentsMichael Denino and Enza Denino
Birth PlacePalm Beach, Florida, United States
EducationStudied finance in college
Marital StatusDated Caroline Burt (2017-2018)
Ice Poseidon Net Worth (2024)$3 Million

Ice Poseidon Early Life: Paul Denino’s Path to Online Stardom

Born on September 29, 1994, in Palm Beach, Florida, Paul Denino spent his formative years in a gated community in Martin County, Florida.

While his family background remains largely private, it’s known that his mother, Enza Denino, worked as a mental health administrator at a local clinical facility.

As a child, Denino was introduced to the world of online gaming, particularly the fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game RuneScape.

It was during this time that he adopted his now-famous alias, Ice Poseidon.

Ice Poseidon Education and Unexpected Turns

After completing high school, Paul Denino pursued higher education in finance, marking a significant departure from his future career as an internet personality and live streamer.

His journey into the world of online entertainment would later take him far from the traditional path of a finance graduate.

Ice Poseidon Family and Siblings The Private Side of Ice Poseidon’s Life

While Paul Denino’s parents, Michael Denino and Enza Denino, have remained largely out of the public eye, it’s clear that they raised a son with a unique talent for captivating audiences online.

Information about his siblings, if any, remains undisclosed.

Ice Poseidon Romantic Relationships

Paul Denino, known by his online alias Ice Poseidon, has been the subject of public interest when it comes to his romantic life.

Over the years, he has been involved in several romantic relationships that have captured the attention of his online fanbase. Here’s a closer look at his notable romantic ventures:

1. Relationship with Caroline Burt

Ice Poseidon’s relationship with Caroline Burt was one of the most talked-about aspects of his personal life. Their romance was followed closely by fans, and it had its fair share of ups and downs.

The dynamics of their relationship played out in the public eye, making it a topic of discussion within the online community.

2. Dating Kimberly

In 2019, there were reports suggesting that Ice Poseidon had moved on from his previous relationship and started dating someone new. Kimberly became the new romantic interest in his life, marking a fresh chapter in his personal journey.

Ice Poseidon Girlfriend
image Sorce – Instagram Ice Poseidon

The Emergence of Ice Poseidon

Denino’s entry into the online gaming world began at the age of 12 when a neighbor introduced him to the popular online role-playing game RuneScape. It was during this time that he adopted the now-famous alias “Ice Poseidon.”

The name was generated randomly, but little did he know that it would become a cornerstone of his digital identity.

Ice Poseidon Early Years and Twitch Debut (2015)

In 2015, a burgeoning content creator named Paul Denino, who would later adopt the moniker Ice Poseidon, burst onto the streaming scene via Twitch.

This platform, celebrated for its gaming streams and interactive broadcasts, provided the ideal canvas for Denino’s distinctive talents.

Rising Through the Ranks with Old School RuneScape (2015-2017)

Ice Poseidon’s initial claim to fame materialized through his Old School RuneScape streams. Infusing humor and an element of absurdity into his content, Denino rapidly garnered the attention of viewers.

During this period, he introduced one of his earliest streaming gimmicks: comically closing doors on players attempting to train the Prayer skill in RuneScape.

This seemingly innocuous act generated laughter, amusing mishaps, and indelible moments, endearing him to his burgeoning audience.

Ice Poseidon Breaking Boundaries: The Era of IRL Streaming (2017-2019)

As Denino’s popularity continued its meteoric ascent, he embarked on an audacious and groundbreaking venture into the realm of In Real Life (IRL) streaming.

This marked a pronounced departure from the conventional confines of gaming streams.

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With Ice Poseidon at the helm, viewers were invited to partake in real-world escapades and experiences, effectively blurring the demarcation between the digital and the physical.

Ice Poseidon Challenges and Controversies (2015-2019)

While Denino’s ascent on Twitch was marked by innovation and an unwavering fanbase, it was not devoid of challenges and controversies.

He encountered multiple bans on the platform, including a notable 45-day suspension stemming from the inadvertent revelation of his phone number during a live stream. Nevertheless,

Denino’s steadfast commitment to pursuing a full-time streaming career led him to make the pivotal decision to relocate to California

Ice Poseidon formed the Purple Army from 2017 to 2019

In 2017, Denino faced a pivotal crossroads when he received a ban from Twitch. Undeterred, he executed a seamless transition to YouTube, bringing along his dedicated fanbase, affectionately referred to as the “Purple Army.”

This devoted following continued to rally behind him on this new platform, where his IRL-focused streams rapidly gained prominence.

Ice Poseidon Mixer and the “Scuffed Brother” (2019-2020)

Denino’s journey continued to evolve as he ventured onto different streaming platforms. In 2019, he made his foray onto Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer, in pursuit of fresh opportunities and a broader audience.

During his tenure on Mixer, he orchestrated “Scuffed Brother,” a 5-day game show that attracted substantial viewership and engagement.
However, Mixer’s closure in 2020 prompted Denino to return to YouTube, reinvigorating his streaming career with the same fervor that had characterized his earlier pursuits.

Ice Poseidon Kicked from NRG Esports (2016)

In an unexpected turn of events, Denino was removed from NRG Esports in June 2016 due to allegations of sexual abuse against the organization’s manager, Brent Kaskel.

This event marked a pivotal moment in his career as he severed ties with NRG Esports amid the controversy.

Career Highlights and Accolades (2015-Present)

Throughout his journey, Ice Poseidon earned recognition and acclaim as a pioneering “life streamer.”

His willingness to share genuine real-life experiences with viewers, coupled with his edgy humor and interactive style, positioned him as a distinctive figure in the realm of online content creators.

Achievements and Milestones Of Ice Poseidon

  • Pioneering “Life Streamer”: Ice Poseidon carved a niche as one of the first content creators to venture into the realm of “life streaming,” sharing his everyday experiences with viewers, blurring the lines between digital and real life.
  • Formation of the “Purple Army”: Denino’s dedicated fanbase, affectionately known as the “Purple Army,” remains a testament to his influence and community-building abilities.
  • “Scuffed Brother” Success: The 5-day game show he hosted on Mixer garnered substantial viewership and engagement, showcasing his ability to create compelling content beyond traditional streams.
  • Resilience in the Face of Challenges: Denino’s ability to bounce back from bans, controversies, and even an FBI raid on his residence underscores his unwavering commitment to his career.
  • Departure from NRG Esports: Amid allegations of sexual abuse against the organization’s manager, Brent Kaskel, Denino parted ways with NRG Esports, marking a significant chapter in his esports journey.

CxCoin and Allegations of Scam (2017-2018)

In 2017, Ice Poseidon ventured into the world of cryptocurrency with the launch of CxCoin, a digital currency aimed at the gaming community. However, this ambitious endeavor was marred by controversy and allegations of a potential scam.

Ice Poseidon CxCoin Ambitious Launch

CxCoin was introduced with the promise of being a cryptocurrency tailored to the gaming and streaming community, offering features such as instant transactions and integration with popular gaming platforms. Denino’s charismatic persona and loyal following contributed to initial interest in the project.

Ice Poseidon Rising Skepticism

The controversy surrounding CxCoin revolved primarily around concerns regarding its legitimacy and transparency. Many members of the online community questioned the project’s credibility and the true intentions behind its creation. Some critics accused Denino of using his influence to promote CxCoin without providing sufficient details about its technology or underlying infrastructure.

Denino Response by Ice Poseidon

As skepticism grew, Denino faced mounting pressure to address these concerns and provide transparency regarding the development and implementation of CxCoin. He engaged with his audience and attempted to clarify the project’s goals and mechanics. However, these efforts did not fully alleviate doubts.

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Ice Poseidon Challenges Faced

Despite his efforts to assuage doubts, the project ultimately faced challenges in gaining widespread acceptance and trust within the cryptocurrency community. CxCoin did not achieve the success initially envisioned, and Denino’s foray into the world of cryptocurrency encountered significant setbacks.

Ice Poseidon Boxing Career

Ice Poseidon made his foray into professional boxing, participating in a professional bout on November 19, 2022, at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas, U.S. The match ended in a loss for Denino, as he was knocked out by his opponent, Brandon Buckingham, in the first round, just 2 minutes and 13 seconds into the fight.

Ice Poseidon Boxing Team
image Sorce – Instagram Ice Poseidon

Tag Team Boxing Match

In addition to his professional boxing debut, Ice Poseidon also ventured into tag team boxing.

He and his partner, Anthony Vargas, formed “D-Generation Ice” and faced off against the team “Los Pineda Coladas,” consisting of Luis Alcaraz Pineda and BDave. This tag team bout took place on March 4, 2024, at the Telford International Centre in Telford, England.

Unfortunately, Denino’s tag team experience also ended in a loss, with “D-Generation Ice” suffering a TKO defeat in the second round, just 50 seconds into the round.

Awards and Nominations Of Ice Poseidon

Ice Poseidon’s contributions to the streaming and gaming community have earned him recognition and nominations in various award shows:

  • 2016 Golden Gnome Awards: Denino was nominated for the “Best OSRS streamer” category.
  • 2017 Esports Industry Awards: He received a nomination for “Streamer of the year.”

These nominations underscore his impact and influence as a content creator in the online entertainment sphere.

Ice Poseidon Social Media Profiles

Social Media PlatformProfile Link
YouTubeIce Poseidon
Social Media Profiles

Lessons Learned From Ice Poseidon

While CxCoin did not realize its ambitious goals, it served as a valuable lesson in the complexities and risks associated with cryptocurrency ventures, particularly when coupled with the high-profile status of an internet personality.

The episode surrounding CxCoin underscored the importance of transparency, accountability, and thorough communication in the cryptocurrency space.

It also shed light on the challenges faced by content creators when venturing into unfamiliar territories, emphasizing the need for caution and due diligence in such endeavors.

Denino’s experience with CxCoin highlights the potential pitfalls that can arise when navigating uncharted waters in the digital landscape.

Ice Poseidon Evolving Net Worth in 2024

As of 2024, Ice Poseidon’s estimated net worth has seen fluctuations, which is common in the dynamic world of content creation and streaming.

While my last available data in September 2021 indicated a net worth range of approximately $800,000 to $1 million, it’s important to recognize that the financial status of internet personalities like Ice Poseidon can vary significantly over time.

Ice Poseidon’s income primarily derives from various sources within the realm of content creation and online entertainment. These sources may include

  • Streaming Revenue: Ice Poseidon, known for his live streams on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, earns revenue through ads, donations, and subscriptions from viewers.
  • Merchandise Sales: Many content creators, including Ice Poseidon, sell branded merchandise such as clothing, accessories, and other products to their fanbase.
  • Sponsorships and Brand Collaborations: High-profile streamers often collaborate with brands and companies for sponsorships, which can be a significant source of income.
  • YouTube Ad Revenue: Ice Poseidon’s YouTube channel, where he uploads highlights and additional content, contributes to his income through ads displayed on his videos.
  • Donations and Fan Support: Dedicated fans may provide financial support through direct donations or by purchasing digital items or in-game subscriptions during his streams.
  • Event Appearances and Meetups: Ice Poseidon has been known to participate in events and meetups, which can generate income through ticket sales and merchandise.
  • Investments and Business Ventures: Like many content creators, Ice Poseidon may explore investments in startups or other business ventures, potentially diversifying his income.

Ice Poseidon estimated Net Worth

YearTotal Estimated Earnings
Ice Poseidon Net Worth


Ice Poseidon, born Paul Denino, has emerged as a captivating figure in the online entertainment landscape. His unique blend of gaming, IRL streaming, and edgy humor has garnered him a dedicated fanbase and significant financial success.

Despite facing bans, controversies, and unexpected twists in his career, Denino’s resilience and creativity have propelled him to become one of the most influential livestreamers globally.

As he continues to explore new ventures and push the boundaries of online content creation, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in the extraordinary journey of Ice Poseidon.

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying his impact on the digital age of entertainment.

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