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Mr Organik Net Worth

Mr Organik Net Worth

$2 Million

Jarvis Rivers, also known as Mr Organik, is rumored to have a net worth of around $2  Million.

Have you ever come across the name Jarvis Rivers, who is better known as Mr. Organik?

He’s a well-known YouTuber, a driven entrepreneur, a committed fitness coach, and a sensation on the internet.

Let’s dive into the story of Mr. Organik and discover more about his life, his passion for cars, and his entertaining video logs.

Mr. Organik Early Life: 

Mr. Organik, first saw the light of day on September 29, 1981, in San Diego, California, USA.

His upbringing took place within a middle-class African American household.

During that time, substantial divisions between the Black and White communities were apparent, and though these distinctions persist, they’ve evolved over the years.

From an early age, Mr. Organik held a fascination with leading an extravagant life. At one juncture, he even dabbled in questionable activities to finance this aspiration.

However, he chose to veer away from that path as time went on.

Parallel to his ambitions, he nurtured a strong passion for basketball, actively participating in the sport through his involvement in a dedicated club.

Mr Organik Net Worth

Mr. Organik Personal Information through table

Birth NameJarvis Rivers
Birth DateSeptember 29, 1981
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California, United States
Birth SignLibra
Other NamesMr Organik
Parent(s)Kimberly Rivers
Sibling(s)Brandon Saint Rivers, Lawrence Trend Blackledge

Educational Background of Mr. Organik

While he attended Hoover High School, Mr. Organik didn’t complete his education there. His true passion lay in crafting rap music and producing videos.

To share his musical creations and videos, he set up a YouTube channel using his own name.

In addition to his creative pursuits, he also co-owned a store alongside a friend.

During one incident, the shop was targeted by a would-be robber brandishing a gun. Leveraging his considerable size and strength, Jarvis managed to thwart the robber’s entry.

In the ensuing chaos, the firearm accidentally discharged.

On his YouTube channel, Mr. Organik uploaded a video titled “Death Threats Made Me Buy More Guns!!!”

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High SchoolHoover High School
CollegeDid not attend
EducationHigh School Dropout

Mr. Organik Career Details

Mr. Organik’s journey into the world of music kickstarted in 2018 when he dropped his debut album titled “Season: Memories and Legacies.”

The album resonated well with audiences, prompting him to venture further into music production with tracks like “Road 2 Riches,” “3b’s Winnin’,” and “The Shame.”

The track “Road 2 Riches” garnered immense popularity, particularly on SoundCloud, where it garnered the admiration of over 25.8 thousand listeners.

The accompanying music video also gained traction, amassing more than 43 thousand views on YouTube.

Back in 2014, Mr. Organik embarked on his YouTube journey, initially crafting videos centered around his personal experiences.

As time went on, his content shifted toward showcasing the allure of luxury living.

His YouTube channel predominantly features him flaunting lavish automobiles such as Ferraris and Currys, providing detailed insights into their captivating features.

His YouTube channel drew the admiration of numerous viewers, resulting in a substantial following of 261 thousand subscribers.

Notably, on March 23, 2018, he introduced a new streaming channel named “Gargoyle Gang” to further engage with his audience.

ProfessionRapper, YouTuber
Active Years2014 – Present
EthnicityFilipino background
Mr Organik Net Worth

Mr. Organik’s Appearance and Personal Characteristics: 

When it comes to his physical traits, Mr. Organik boasts an impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches and carries a weight of around 109 kg.

His eyes shine with a welcoming brown hue, perfectly matching his black hair.

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These individual aspects, combined with his creative ventures and online influence, contribute to shaping his unique and recognizable persona.

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Mr. Organik Appearance Details Through table

Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight109 kg
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack

Mr. Organik’s Relationship with YouTuber Danielle Champion

Mr. Organik is currently dating Danielle Champion, who is a YouTuber, singer, and performer. She lives in Los Angeles now.

She comes from Missouri and grew up in St. Louis. It’s cool to note that they both appear on each other’s YouTube channels and make videos together.

Mr. Organik’s Favorite Things and Interests

Mr. Organik’s favorite things provide a glimpse into his personal tastes and preferences. He has expressed admiration for a variety of individuals and activities that resonate with him.

As for actors, he holds Chadwick Aaron Boseman in high regard, recognizing his talent and impact. Viola Davis, an accomplished actress, is another individual he admires and considers a favorite.

Mr Organik

When it comes to music, Mr. Organik is a fan of Drake’s music, enjoying his songs and style. On the female side of the spectrum, he appreciates the singing prowess of Christina Aguilera.

In the realm of technology and entertainment, YouTube stands out as his favorite app, showcasing his inclination towards digital media and content creation.

In the world of gaming, he finds PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) to be his favorite game, indicating his interest in interactive and competitive virtual experiences.

Turning to food preferences, cornbread is a favored dish that satisfies his palate.

As for specific songs, movies, and TV shows, his exact favorites are not known, showcasing his diverse tastes that go beyond specific choices.

In the realm of sports, Mr. Organik’s favorite sportsman is Harrison Barnes, indicating an appreciation for his athletic achievements and contributions.

Similarly, Harrison Barnes also holds the distinction of being his favorite basketball player, highlighting his passion for the sport.

Mr. Organik’s interests extend to hobbies as well. He enjoys traveling, which suggests an adventurous spirit and a desire to explore new places and cultures.

Additionally, his love for riding adds another layer to his personality, showing his enjoyment of the open road and perhaps a sense of freedom.

Overall, Mr. Organik’s favorite things and interests provide a multi-faceted view of his personality, reflecting his tastes in entertainment, technology, sports, and leisure activities.

Please note that these preferences are based on publicly available information and may evolve over time.

Here’s the information presented in a table format:

ActorChadwick Aaron Boseman
ActressViola Davis
Singer (Male)Drake
Singer (Female)Christina Aguilera
SongNot Known
SportsmanHarrison Barnes
MovieDon’t Know
CricketerNot Known
BasketballerHarrison Barnes
TV ShowNot Known
HobbiesTravel, Riding

Mr Organik Estimated Net Worth and Key Details:

Net Worth$2 million (Approx.)
Age42 years (as of August 2024)
NationalityUnited States
BornSeptember 29, 1981
OccupationMusic Artist
Last Update2024
Net Worth

Mr. Organik net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, taking into account various aspects. He’s recognized as a music artist and vlogger, sharing a lavish lifestyle from the USA.

His earnings come from brand collaborations and his YouTube content. Beyond his music, he produces videos that showcase an upscale way of life.

His music, including the popular track “Road 2 Riches” on SoundCloud, has garnered attention.

His videos cater to an audience interested in luxury living, offering glimpses into this opulent lifestyle. He’s gone a step further by launching his own merchandise on 

Organik Lifestyle Merchandise featuring items like stylish clothes and accessories, each priced above $120. This endeavor allows him to earn up to $150,000 monthly.

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Collectively, Mr. Organik’s diverse income streams contribute to a monthly total of around $190,000.

This year, his Mr Organik net worth has experienced a 25% growth, resulting in an annual income of about $350,000.

His role as a music artist and his engaging depiction of luxurious living have significantly contributed to his financial accomplishments. This information is accurate as of 2024.

How Mr. Organik Makes Money?

Mr. Organik’s main source of income comes from his music, especially his rap career. He has lots of fans on social media who support him.

He also earns money from ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as partnerships with brands, making creative videos, and working on campaigns.

Like other rappers such as 42 Dugg, Rod Wave, and Pardison Fontaine, Mr. Organik earns a lot from his music. YouTube also serves as a means for him to generate income.

Mr Organik Net Worth

He makes videos about cars and his life, and this helps him become more well-known in his field.

According to information from Social Blade, Mr. Organik started his YouTube channel, Mr. Organik, on July 17, 2012.

He now has around 313,000 subscribers because he regularly posts videos about his daily life and cars. He earns about $55,000 each year from YouTube.

His YouTube channel details are:

  • YouTube Channel Name: Mr_Organik
  • Started: July 17, 2012
  • Subscribers: Around 313,000
  • Total Views: About 57.67 million
  • Average Views: Around 30,000 per video
  • Videos Uploaded: 1,599
  • Monthly Earnings: About $5,000
  • Yearly Earnings: Around $55,700

Usually, YouTubers earn about $2 to $3 for every 1,000 views on their videos. So, for each video, Mr. Organik earns at least $100 on average. Here’s an example of his YouTube income over five days:


He has also released 32 songs, and some of them have gotten millions of views on the internet and social media.

Mr. Organik is widely recognized as a rapper, showcasing his musical prowess on platforms like YouTube. He made a significant impact in his career by releasing his album “Me Season: Memories and Legacies” in 2018.

Some of his well-received tracks include titles like “All Praise,” “Top of the Mook,” “707-Whole Lot of Horses,” and “Gauud on My Side.”

His YouTube presence has attracted substantial attention, accumulating an impressive 47 million views across his video content.

Despite encountering criticism from some quarters, Mr. Organik remains steadfast in creating captivating content that resonates with his subscriber base. An intriguing facet of his content creation journey involves frequent collaborations with the YouTube channel “Tall Guy Car Reviews.”

This collaborative effort, featuring nearly 900,000 subscribers, sees Mr. Organik and the channel coming together to craft vlogs that provide insightful reviews of luxury vehicles.

One of their joint projects can be explored via this link: Watch the video here. Their collective endeavors effectively engage and inform their audience, heightening their online presence.

Mr. Organik also has a website called where he sells clothes.

He earns more than $10,000 on average from this website. Besides this, he can make money in different ways on social media, like ads on Facebook, working with brands, and more.

Mr Organik

Mr. Organik’s Impressive Social Media Reach:

Mr. Organik has amassed a substantial social media following, propelled by his YouTube and music endeavors.

His online influence is considerable, with approximately 270,000 followers on Instagram, where he goes by the handle @mrorganik. On his main YouTube channel, titled Mr_Organik, he boasts an impressive subscriber count of over 330,000.

Additionally, he manages three more channels: Top of the Mook, Organik Fitness, and Gargoyle Gang. While maintaining profiles on Twitter and Facebook, he is more active on Instagram and YouTube.

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Here’s the social media account information presented in a table:

YouTube (Main Channel)Mr_Organik
YouTube (Top of the Mook)Top of the Mook
YouTube (Organik Fitness)Organik Fitness
YouTube (Gargoyle Gang)Gargoyle Gang
FacebookMr Organik

To sum it up

Mr. Organik’s story is seriously impressive and super motivating. He’s a real go-getter who never gave up on his dreams. From starting his own businesses to helping out his community, he’s shown that hard work pays off big time.

His journey teaches us that no matter where we start, we can achieve awesome things with determination and a positive attitude. Mr. Organik’s not just about personal success – he’s all about lifting others up too.

Remember, life’s full of twists and turns, but Mr. Organik proves that challenges can lead to cool opportunities. His story is like a reminder to stay positive and keep pushing for what we want. Let’s celebrate his achievements and let his story inspire us to chase our dreams with the same energy and passion.

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