Richard Hammond Net Worth, Car Collection, Age & Wiki 2023

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Richard Hammond Net Worth

Richard Hammond Net Worth

$45 Million

Richard Hammond, known for being on “Top Gear” and doing stuff on TV, has estimated Net Worth of $45 million! 

He earned this cash by talking on TV, writing, and doing journalist stuff. It’s pretty awesome how he became so wealthy! 

we’ll explore more about Richard Hammond’s life and how he made all that money, looking at the different things he did to become so rich.

Biographical Information

Full NameRichard Mark Hammond
Date of BirthDecember 19, 1969
Age54 years
Height167 cm (5’6″)
Weight64 kg (141 lbs)
Place of BirthSolihull, UK
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
EducationHarrogate College (1986–1988), Solihull School, Ripon Grammar School
Zodiac SignSagittarius
SpouseAmanda “Mindy” Hammond (married in 2002)
ChildrenWillow Hammond, Isabella Hammond
ParentsEileen Hammond, Alan Hammond
Richard Hammond Net WorthEstimated £30 million ($45 million USD)

Early Life of Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond’s birth took place in Solihull, England, on December 19, 1969.. He’s the eldest of three brothers and his family had ties to the Birmingham car industry. 

In the 1980s, they moved to Ripon, North Yorkshire, where his dad ran a business. 

He went to different schools, first a private one in Solihull and later a school in Ripon. At one point, he worked at a place that cleaned water using grit.

Richard Hammond Career Journey

After finishing school, Hammond found jobs at various BBC radio stations. 

He worked in places like Cleveland, York, Cumbria, Leeds, and Newcastle. 

At Radio Lancashire, he hosted a show where he often had guests talking about cars. One of his friends, car journalist Zogg Zieglar, encouraged him to try talking about cars on TV. 

So, he started on satellite TV and later tried out for Top Gear.

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Richard Hammond
Image source – Instagram (richardhammond)

Richard Hammond Homes

Richard Hammond and his family have called a few places home

Bollitree Castle: They live in a castle-like house in Herefordshire. It’s not a real castle, but it sure looks like one.

London Apartment: They also have an apartment in London, which is quite different from their country home.

Moving Around: At one point, Hammond briefly moved from Gloucestershire to Buckinghamshire but later returned because he missed the countryside.

Bollitree Castle Purchase: In October 2012, Hammond spent more than £2 million to buy Bollitree Castle, which is close to Weston under Penyard in Ross-on-Wye.

Rumored House: There are rumors that he also bought a big house in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

So, they have a mix of country and city living in their different homes.

Marriage Life of Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond tied the knot with Amanda “Mindy” Hammond in May 2002, and their marital journey has been filled with joy and growth. 

Together, they have been blessed with two wonderful daughters, Isabella, affectionately known as “Izzy,” and Willow. 

Their family life is a testament to the love and happiness they share.

The Fascinating Tale Behind Richard Hammond Nickname ‘’Hamster’’

A friend, Zogg Zieglar, gave him the nickname “Hamster” when he jokingly said, “And out will pop another hamster” upon hearing about Hammond’s impending fatherhood. 

The name stuck, especially on “Top Gear,” due to his last name and relatively smaller stature compared to his co-presenters.

Richard Hammond Passion for Pets

Hammond is an animal enthusiast and keeps a diverse array of creatures on his farm, including horses, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, sheep, and even a peacock. 

Notably, he and his family adopted TG, the official Top Gear dog.

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Discovering Richard Hammond Musical Interests and Hobbies

Hammond plays the bass guitar and performed with the other Top Gear presenters on “Top Gear of the Pops” for Comic Relief in 2007. 

He enjoys cycling, scooting, and motorcycling in cities, which often leads to playful teasing from his co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Richard Hammond’s Musical Dislikes

Hammond openly expressed his dislike for the band Genesis during the news segment of “Top Gear’s 2010 USA Road Trip” special. 

This led to humorous pranks by his co-presenters, who played Genesis songs to tease him during various episodes.

“Oliver” – More Than Just a Car for Richard Hammond

In a memorable 2007 Top Gear special set in Botswana, Richard Hammond forged a unique bond with a 1963 Opel Kadett, which he affectionately named “Oliver.”

The connection between Hammond and Oliver went beyond the ordinary, and it became a symbol of their adventures.

After the Botswana special, where Oliver played a starring role, Hammond made the decision to bring the car back to the United Kingdom.

Oliver’s journey continued as it underwent a meticulous restoration, preserving its place in automotive history.

However, Oliver’s story didn’t end there. This charismatic Opel Kadett became a part of Hammond’s other endeavors, making appearances on his children’s science TV show, demonstrating that Oliver was not just a car but a beloved character in his own right.

Richard Hammond’s attachment to Oliver is a testament to the special relationship that can develop between a person and their cherished automobile.

Richard Hammond reunites with Oliver!

2002: Richard Hammond Iconic Entry into Top Gear

The year 2002 witnessed a significant milestone in the world of automotive television as Richard Hammond made his debut on Top Gear. This marked a transformative moment for the show, as it was undergoing a reformatting that would define a new era.

With his distinct and captivating on-screen presence, Richard Hammond quickly became a pivotal figure in the Top Gear universe. His arrival heralded a period of remarkable moments and unforgettable episodes, solidifying Top Gear’s status as an iconic automotive program.

Top Gear 2002 – First Ever Startup (20/10/2002)

2003: Brainiac: Science Abuse – Hammond Explosive Debut

In 2003, Richard Hammond made his debut hosting “Brainiac: Science Abuse,” a show that blended science experiments with entertaining stunts, known for its quirky approach to science. 

Hammond charismatic presence and enthusiastic hosting style quickly made the show a hit.

The Terrifying Crash of 2006: Richard Hammond Near-Death Experience

The year 2006 marked a dramatic and tragic chapter in the history of “Top Gear.” Richard Hammond, one of the show’s beloved hosts, faced a life-threatening ordeal during the filming of an episode that would shock fans and the media alike. 

This incident served as a stark reminder of the inherent dangers associated with the daring automotive stunts featured on the program.

The fateful event unfolded at the former RAF Elvington air base Near York, where Hammond embarked on a high-speed car race that would push the limits of both man and machine. 

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In a heart-stopping moment, Hammond’s dragster rocketed to an astonishing speed of 319 mph, setting the stage for a catastrophe that would leave an indelible impact on his life and career.

Richard Hammond: The Untold Story Of My 320mph Crash & My 1 Minute Memory! | E221

2007: Richard Hammond Triumphant Comeback

After the frightening crash in 2006, Richard Hammond made a remarkable return to Top Gear in 2007 following his recovery from the injuries. 

His comeback episode stirred up considerable excitement among fans, who eagerly awaited Hammond’s return to the show. 

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The episode also featured heartfelt scenes from the crash and Hammond candidly discussing his feelings and experiences about the accident.

It was a touching moment that deeply connected with the show’s enthusiasts.

Richard Hammond Journey Forward

After his triumphant return to Top Gear in 2007, Hammond expressed his wish that the crash incident wouldn’t be a recurring topic on the show. 

He wanted to focus on moving ahead positively. However, his fellow presenters sometimes made playful references to the incident during the program’s news segments. 

Hammond’s determination to push forward and keep entertaining viewers showcased his resilience and dedication to his role on Top Gear.

Richard Hammond Role in Rural Revelry Herefordshire Country

In 2010, Richard Hammond assumed the important position of President at the Herefordshire Country Fair, a significant event that honors rural life and its deep-rooted customs.

Hammond’s involvement in this noteworthy occasion proved to be a massive success, as it attracted an impressive gathering of nearly 15,000 enthusiastic attendees. 

His presence added a touch of celebrity glamour to the festivities, making it a memorable year for the fair and its visitors.

Richard Hammond Aerial Adventures with a Helicopter License

In March 2012, Richard Hammond reached a noteworthy achievement when he successfully acquired his B206 LST helicopter license.

This accomplishment opened up exciting new horizons for the television personality.

Hammond didn’t stop at just acquiring the license; he went a step further and became the proud owner of a Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter. 

With this remarkable addition to his list of achievements, Hammond embarked on an array of captivating aerial adventures, captivating fans and aviation enthusiasts alike.

These escapades took him soaring over breathtaking landscapes, offering a bird’s-eye view of the world and the exhilaration of piloting his own aircraft.

Check this Why Aerial Refuelling Is Most Challenging Manoeuvre For A Pilot | Richard Hammond’s Big to uncover the thrilling details of Richard Hammond’s high-flying pursuits and discover how he turned his dreams of exploring the skies into a reality.

2015: The End of an Era of Richard Hammond Bids Farewell to Top Gear

In 2015, a significant turning point occurred when the BBC decided not to renew Jeremy Clarkson’s contract, marking the end of an era for Top Gear. 

Hammond’s contract also came to an end during this period of transition. This marked a bittersweet moment in the show’s history.

2015: Richard Hammond Reconnects with Legends

Later that same year, the BBC surprised fans by announcing a special Top Gear episode that brought together all three original presenters: Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson. 

The reunion was a momentous occasion for fans of the show, as it allowed them to relive the chemistry and camaraderie that had made Top Gear such a beloved program.

Richard Hammond Encounter with a Burglary Incident

In September 2018, Richard Hammond and his family were enjoying a vacation in a town called Saint-Tropez. They had rented a holiday house to have a good time.

However, during their stay, something very unpleasant occurred.

Their holiday house was broken into by some intruders. These are people who enter someone else’s property without permission, and in this case, they did it with bad intentions.

What made this situation even more worrying is that Hammond and his family began to feel unwell. They suspected that the burglars might have used a harmful gas of some kind.

This gas could have been used to make them feel sleepy or even sick.

Imagine being on a relaxing vacation and suddenly having to deal with a break-in and the possibility of being exposed to a dangerous substance.

It was a very unsettling experience for Richard Hammond and his family during what should have been a joyful time.

Other Television Endeavors Throughout Richard Hammond Career 

Throughout his career, Richard Hammond ventured into various television projects:

Early Career: In addition to his radio work, Hammond presented daytime lifestyle shows and motoring programs such as “Motor Week” on Men & Motors.

Crufts Dog Show and More: Hammond presented the Crufts dog show in 2005, the 2004 and 2005 British Parking Awards, and appeared on shows like “School’s Out” and “The Gunpowder Plot: Exploding the Legend.”

Top Gear and Beyond: Apart from Top Gear, he presented shows like “Should I Worry About…?” on BBC One and “Time Commanders” on BBC Two. Additionally, he served as one of the team captains on the BBC Two quiz show called “Petrolheads.”

Richard Hammond’s 5 O’Clock Show: In 2006, Hammond co-hosted “Richard Hammond’s 5 O’Clock Show” with Mel Giedroyc on ITV, discussing a wide range of topics.

Recognition: Hammond was voted one of the top 10 British TV talents in July 2005.

Richard Hammond and the Holy Grail: In 2006, Hammond hosted “Richard Hammond and the Holy Grail,” where he explored the history of the Holy Grail by visiting various locations worldwide, including the Vatican Secret Archives.

Red Nose Day 2007: Hammond stood for nomination via public vote to co-present BBC Radio 4’s “Woman’s Hour” on Red Nose Day in 2007 but was defeated.

BBC Radio 2 Specials: Hammond presented one-off specials on BBC Radio 2 for Good Friday and the bank holiday in April and August 2007, respectively.

Evel Knievel Interview: Hammond recorded an interview with American stuntman Evel Knievel, which aired on BBC Two in December 2007, marking Knievel’s last interview before his death.

Richard Hammond
Image source – Instagram (richardhammond)

Expanding into Documentaries and Series of Richard Hammond

  • Engineering Connections: In September 2008, Hammond presented “Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections” on the National Geographic Channel, exploring how past inventions and nature influence modern designs. This series continued with a second season in 2010, covering structures like Wembley Stadium and the Sydney Opera House.
  • Wipeout and Total Wipeout: Hammond co-presented “Total Wipeout,” the UK version of the US series “Wipeout,” alongside Amanda Byram. The show was filmed in Argentina.
  • Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab: Hammond presented a science-themed game show for children, “Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab,” which aired on BBC Two and CBBC.
  • Invisible Worlds: Hammond hosted a three-episode series in March 2010 titled “Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds,” exploring phenomena beyond the visible spectrum and things too fast for the naked eye.
  • Time Commanders: Hammond hosted the BBC Two gameshow “Time Commanders,” which used a modified version of Creative Assembly’s Rome: Total War game engine for sophisticated warfare simulations.
  • Richard Hammond’s Tech Head: Starting in February 2011, Hammond presented an online technology series called “Richard Hammond’s Tech Head.”
  • Journey to the Centre of the Planet: In July 2011, Hammond presented a two-part natural science documentary, “Richard Hammond’s Journey to the Centre of the Planet,” focusing on Earth’s geology and plate tectonics.
  • Crash Course and Planet Earth Live: In 2012, Hammond hosted “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course” on BBC America and “Planet Earth Live” on BBC One, showcasing animals in extreme conditions.
  • Science of Stupid and Wild Weather: Hammond presented “Science of Stupid” in June 2014, a series on the National Geographic Channel that explored the application of physics in everyday life. In December, he hosted “Wild Weather with Richard Hammond,” a three-part science documentary for BBC One.
  • Jungle Quest: In September 2015, Hammond presented a two-part documentary for Sky 1 titled “Richard Hammond’s Jungle Quest,” supported by Sky Rainforest Rescue.
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Recent Ventures by Richard Hammond

  • The Grand Tour: Hammond joined Jeremy Clarkson and James May in “The Grand Tour” and announced the transition from the current format to special episodes without the tent or live audience.
  • The Great Escapists: In January 2021, Hammond starred alongside Tory Belleci in “The Great Escapists,” a fictional adventure series for Amazon. The series stranded them on a deserted island, where they used available resources to survive.

Richard Hammond Car Restoration Workshop: A Closer Look

In June 2021, Richard Hammond took to Twitter to share thrilling news about his partnership with Discovery+.

Through an upcoming TV show, he invites car enthusiasts and fans alike to join him on a captivating journey. In this show, he’ll dive headfirst into his deepest passion: restoring classic cars.

For an exclusive tour of his new workshop and to delve into the exciting world of car restoration alongside Hammond, check this out Richard Hammond gives us a tour of his new workshop!

Richard Hammond Car Collection

Hammond’s car collection includes a captivating array of vehicles. Here are some of the gems currently in his possession:

  • 1929 Ford Model A: A true vintage classic, harking back to the golden age of automobiles.
  • 1933 Riley Alpine Tourer: A vehicle that exudes elegance and a sense of adventure.
  • 1934 Morgan 3-Wheeler: This unique ride turns heads with its distinctive design and exhilarating open-air experience.
  • 1942 Ford GPW: A piece of history, as this vehicle served during World War II.
  • 1956 Land Rover Series 1: Currently undergoing restoration, this Land Rover is an icon of off-road capability.
  • 1958 Jaguar XK150: A classic Jaguar that epitomizes British automotive sophistication.
  • 1962 Jaguar E-Type Roadster Mk1: Often referred to as one of the most beautiful cars ever made.
  • 1962 Opel Kadett (Olivia) and 1963 Opel Kadett (Oliver): These two Opel Kadetts hold a special place in Hammond’s heart and have even earned affectionate nicknames.
  • 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390: A legendary American muscle car, immortalized in “Bullitt.”
  • 1971 Buick Riviera: Customized with flair, featuring a supercharger and distinctive rear wing.
  • 1972 MGB GT and 1979 MG Midget: Representing the best of British sports car heritage.
  • 1979 Ford Escort RS2000 MkII: This car became Hammond’s restoration project and has a fascinating history.
  • 1987 Land Rover Defender-110 (Buster): Extensively rebuilt to become an off-road powerhouse.
  • 1999 Jaguar XJR (X308): Equipped with a supercharged engine, this Jaguar is a blend of luxury and performance.
  • 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STI V Limited Edition: Tuned to deliver impressive power and adorned with a striking Martini livery.
  • 2005 Chevrolet SSR: A unique and distinctive addition to his collection.
  • 2012 Land Rover Defender: Enhanced with custom tuning by Bowler Manufacturing, making it even more capable.
  • 2016 Ford Mustang Convertible: A thoughtful gift for his wife, reflecting his love for American muscle cars.
  • 2021 Ford Ranger: A modern-day workhorse that combines practicality and style.
  • Land Rover 110 Station Wagon: Fondly known as “Wallycar,” with a playful nickname from Hammond’s daughter.
  • Land Rover Discovery 4 SDV6 HSE: Combining luxury with off-road capability.
  • Jaguar XK120: Currently undergoing restoration, promising to shine once again.

Get a firsthand look at Richard Hammond’s car selection here

Richard Hammond’s private car collection

Previously Owned Treasures:

Hammond automotive journey also includes several noteworthy vehicles that were once part of his collection:

  • 1931 Lagonda 2-litre Supercharged: A vintage masterpiece known for its elegance and power.
  • 1959 Bentley S2: A symbol of opulence and craftsmanship.
  • 1969 Dodge Charger R/T: Forever associated with muscle car glory.
  • 1969 Porsche 911T: A classic Porsche with timeless design.
  • 1976 Toyota Corolla Liftback: Hammond’s very first car, marking the start of his automotive adventures.

These vehicles, both past and present, offer a glimpse into Richard Hammond’s automotive passion and his eclectic taste in cars. Whether vintage classics or modern marvels, each vehicle has a unique story to tell.

Two-Wheeled Wonders: In addition to his love for cars, Hammond is an avid motorcyclist with an impressive collection of bikes. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 1925 Sunbeam Model A: A vintage gem that harks back to the early days of motorcycling.
  • 1929 BMW R52: A classic BMW motorcycle with timeless appeal.
  • 1935 Indian: An American legend known for its distinctive style.
  • 1946 Indian Chief: A vintage icon that exudes classic cruiser charm.
  • 1947 Harley Davidson: The epitome of the American motorcycle heritage.
  • 1951 BMW R51: Modified for extra power and style, showcasing Hammond’s personal touch.
  • 1959 Norton Dominator: A British classic renowned for its performance and elegance.
  • 1961 Triumph Bonneville T120C and 1962 Triumph Bonneville: Timeless British motorcycles that capture the spirit of the era.
  • 1970s Moto Guzzi V7 Sport: An Italian classic with a sporty edge.
  • 1974 Kawasaki Z900: A powerful and iconic Japanese superbike.
  • 1976 BMW R90S: A beautifully preserved example of BMW’s early sportbike.
  • 1976 Honda Gold Wing: Known for its comfort and long-distance touring capabilities.
  • 1976 Yamaha FS-1E: A charming small-displacement Yamaha with retro appeal.
  • 1981 BMW R100RT (Eric): A BMW tourer with character and flair.
  • 1988 BMW R100GS and 1990 BMW K1: Unique BMW motorcycles with distinctive paint schemes.
  • 1991 Suzuki GSX-R1100: A bike that captured Hammond’s imagination in his youth.
  • 1992 Kawasaki KR1-S and 1992 Kawasaki ZXR-750: Representing the best of Kawasaki’s sportbike offerings.
  • 1998 Ducati 916 SPS Fogarty Replica: A tribute to a legendary Ducati racer.
  • 2012 BMW R1200RT: Hammond’s personal favorite, known for its touring prowess.
  • 2014 Norton Commando 961 SE: A modern classic that pays homage to Norton’s heritage.

These motorcycles showcase a rich tapestry of design, performance, and history, reflecting Hammond’s enduring passion for two-wheeled adventures.

Other Unique Vehicles:

 In addition to cars and motorcycles, Hammond’s collection includes some unconventional vehicles:

  • 2005 Robinson R44 Raven II Helicopter: Taking his love for aviation to new heights.
  • John Deere 6210 SE Tractor: A reminder of rural life and countryside adventures.
  • 2022 Ford Transit

Richard Hammond Charity Involvement

Richard Hammond is an ambassador for The Children’s Trust, a UK charity helping kids with brain injuries and neuro-disabilities.

In 2013, he arranged a special day for terminally-ill eight-year-old Emilia Palmer. He drove her in a pink Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, flew her in his helicopter, and gave her a thrilling ride on an airfield’s main runway. 

This heartwarming experience was organized by the Rays of Sunshine charity.

Richard Hammond Estimated Net Worth and Sources of Income

Net WorthSources of Income
£30 million (Approx. $41million USD)– TV hosting and presenting
– Journalism
– Authorship
– Mechanical expertise
Richard Hammond Net Worth Table

Richard Hammond estimated net worth is approximately £30 million, which translates to around $41 million USD. 

His wealth primarily stems from various sources, including his extensive career in television hosting and presenting, where he has gained recognition on popular shows like “Top Gear” and its spin-off “The Grand Tour.”

Hammond’s talents extend beyond the screen, encompassing roles in journalism, authorship, and mechanical expertise. 

His diverse income streams have contributed to his substantial net worth, making him a successful and versatile figure in the entertainment industry.

Social Media Profiles of Richard Hammond

PlatformProfile Link
InstagramClick here
TwitterClick here
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In conclusion

Richard Hammond journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of one’s passions. 

Despite facing life-altering challenges and setbacks, he persevered, reinvented himself, and continued to chase his dreams. 

Hammond’s story reminds us that no matter what obstacles we encounter, with determination, a positive outlook, and a willingness to adapt, we can overcome adversity and continue to grow. 

His life is a valuable lesson in the unwavering pursuit of one’s passions and the unwavering belief that, even in the face of adversity, the journey is worth every moment.

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