Wallo Net Worth 2024: Age, Love, Jail Time, And More

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Wallo Net Worth

Wallo Net Worth

$2 Million

Wallo, formally known as Walter Wallace Jr., has a current net worth of $2 million as of 2024. 

He epitomizes an incredible life story. 

From his tough childhood and a period in prison for armed robbery, he has risen phenomenally to become a social media sensation and a compelling motivational speaker. 

His journey, marked by difficult beginnings, is nothing short of an inspiring life story. 

The factors contributing to his turnaround are as diverse as they are remarkable.

Also known as Wallace “Wallo267” Peeples, he embodies the spirit of an American entrepreneur. 

His transformation from a life behind bars to a leading activist, marketer, and orator speaks volumes of his resilience. 

His influence as a social media influencer extends beyond mere online presence; it’s the cornerstone of his burgeoning business empire.

The tale of Wallo’s financial success is not just about the wealth accumulated; it’s about the value he creates through his words and actions.

As an icon of change and hope, his real wealth lies in his ability to inspire and empower others through his personal narrative. 

His story is a vivid illustration of triumph over adversity, making Wallo a true symbol of transformation and resilience.

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Biography Table Of Wallo

Real NameWallace Peeples
Date Of BirthJune 21, 1979
Age44 Years
Birth PlacePhiladelphia
CountryUnited States
Current ResidencePhiladelphia
Net Worth$2  Million

Who is Wallo?

Wallo, born Wallace Peeples, is more than just a man; he’s a mission. 

Known as wallo267, his story is a powerful testament to his approach to life. 

Enduring a 20-year prison sentence, Wallo emerged with a renewed sense of accountability and a firm rejection of excuses. 

His goal? To inspire others to find their purpose and achieve success. 

His mindset is as authentic as his relevant messages, and his story is a beacon of never giving up. As of 2024, Wallo net worth is $2 million.

Wallo Early Life

Wallo, a native of Philadelphia, United States, experienced a turbulent childhood that laid the groundwork for his future career. 

Facing challenges and adversities from a young age, his upbringing played a crucial role in shaping his outlook on life. 

A significant part of his early life was his sentence in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, an experience that would become one of his most formative experiences. 

It was during this time that he began to mold his mind towards success, a journey that would later be reflected in his massive Instagram following.

Growing up in an environment riddled with poverty and violence, his childhood was anything but easy. 

With his father in prison and his mother facing her own challenges, Wallo was determined to succeed. 

He started hustling on the streets, selling drugs for money and falling into a lifestyle of trouble. 

However, his energy for music remained a constant beacon of hope.

Wallo Real Name

Wallo’s real name, Wallace Peeples, may not be as widely recognized as his nickname, Wallo 267, but it carries a powerful message: “Keep going no matter what.” 

This mantra has been a guiding force in his life, encapsulating his journey from adversity to acclaim. 

The transformation from Wallace Peeples to Wallo 267 is not just a change of name; it represents a complete overhaul of identity and purpose, shaped by experiences both bitter and empowering.

Wallo Age, Height & Weight

Wallo, born on June 21, 1970, is not just a handsome and dashing figure; he’s an embodiment of inspiration. 

At 44 years old, he stands at 5 feet 6 inches. 

While specific details like his Weight, Body Measurement, Eye Color, Hair Color, and Shoe Size are Under Review, his presence is undeniably impactful. 

Celebrating his Birthday every year, Wallo is not just a legend at 44; he’s an age-defying influencer whose spirit and determination make his remarkable journey a source of inspiration for many.

Through their ventures, both Wallo and Gillie have demonstrated that creativity, business acumen, and a deep understanding of their roots can lead to significant success. 

Wallo’s journey, in particular, showcases how age and physical attributes are mere numbers and descriptions in the face of relentless passion and the drive to inspire and lead. 

Their story continues to unfold, marking significant strides in the worlds of entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Wallo Net Worth

Wallo’s path to becoming a future millionaire and one of America’s most famous celebrities is documented in his biography, “The Mind of Wallo267.” 

Tracking wallo Net Worth progression, it’s remarkable to see the growth: from $0.5 Million in 2022, to $1 Million in 2023, and reaching $2 Million in 2024. 

His Salary, estimated at $0.5 Million Per Year, stems largely from his role as an Entrepreneur. 

Details like his House in Philadelphia and Cars remain Under Review.

The brand Wallo267 encapsulates more than just net worth; it represents his wealth of experience and influence. 

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Through Life of Wallo267 LLC, his book, and his work as a podcaster, public speaker, and social media influence, Wallo has forged significant partnerships with brands like Foot Locker, Puma, NFL, Global Citizen, and Philly Union. 

His lectures, including those on the online lecture website Ted, have further amplified wallo impact, making his net worth not just about financial gain, but about the value he brings to the world.

The journey of Wallo, from a man with a mission to a multimillionaire, is a narrative of resilience, transformation, and impact, embodying the spirit of true entrepreneurship and influence.

The Partnership of Wallo and Gillie

The close relationship between Wallo and Gillie has been a cornerstone of their success. 

Co-hosting the Million Dollaz Worth of Game, a top-rated game show, they have not only established themselves as influential creatives but also as savvy business associates. 

Their partnership with Barstool Sports marked a significant leap in their career. 

Both hailing from Philadelphia, they share more than just their roots; their projects in the music industry, including various rap tracks, have solidified a substantial fan base. 

This collaboration is fueled by their shared passion and undeniable talent in the hip-hop scene. 

Adding to their achievements and testament to their successful career, Wallo’s net worth stands impressively at $2 million.

Why did Wallo go to Jail?

Wallo, a famous personality now, had his youth marred by a lengthy jail sentence due to armed robbery. 

His story is not just about 20 years in prison but a testament to a wasted youth turned into a beacon of hope. 

He was released in 2017, marking the end of his physical incarceration but the beginning of a new battle: the struggle with career.

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In the late 1990s, a young man, now known as Wallo267, was arrested, tried, and convicted for a series of armed robberies across the state of Pennsylvania. 

Despite being physically incarcerated, Wallo maintained an active interest in the outside world, a facet of his life that later played a crucial role in his success. 

His journey from a prison cell to becoming a famous personality is nothing short of remarkable.

Wallo’s incarceration didn’t deter him from dreaming. Inside the gloomy walls of the prison, he began scribbling in notebooks, documenting thoughts and ideas, which later culminated into “The Mind of Wallo267.” 

Despite the authorities’ attempts to suppress his social media presence, he found ways to stay connected. 

Using contraband cell phones, iPods, chargers, wireless hotspots, and headsets, he kept in contact with the wider world.

In an interview on The Pivot Podcast, Wallo shared the grim realities of ghetto culture and his transformation. 

His narrative is reminiscent of Anthony Bourdain’s explorative spirit, delving into the deep ends of human experience and emerging with profound insights. 

The rise of social media and mobile devices during his sentence allowed him to create accounts and build a following, laying the groundwork for his future.

Upon release, Wallo capitalized on his experiences and exposure. He turned his life around, going from a convict to signing deals worth “tens of millions of dollars.” 

The Multidimensional Life of Wallo: Artist, Explorer, and Enthusiast

As an artist, Wallo’s life revolves around his studio and his craft. 

His deep involvement in music and the Wallo World Movement within the hip-hop scene speaks volumes about his passion. 

He loves to explore, travel to different cities, perform, and immerse himself in the local culture. 

Beyond music, Wallo is active in various hobbies including playing tennis, basketball, enjoying video games on Twitch, and watching movies. 

His talent and dedication to his craft and hobbies reflect the multifaceted nature of his personality, showcasing a lifestyle that is as dynamic as it is inspiring. 

In weaving the story of Wallo, it’s essential to highlight the stark contrasts and incredible transitions in his life. 

From Wallace Peeples to Wallo 267, from a convict to a celebrated artist and entrepreneur, his life story is a powerful narrative of transformation, resilience, and relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Wallo net worth as of 2024 is $2 million.

Wallo Net Worth
Image Source Facebook wallo

Wallo267’s Business Success

Upon his release, Wallo267’s path took a remarkable turn. In an interview on the Pivot Podcast, he discussed his transition from being labeled a criminal to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

His time in Philadelphia was just the beginning of a journey that would see him opening a restaurant and later clinching a multi-million dollar deal. 

Wallo visit to the Barstool office resulted in a partnership Net worth tens of millions of dollars. 

His transparent dealings with CEO Erika Nardini and venture capitalists positioned him as a media magnate with endless future possibilities. 

His ownership and brand management skills have made him appealing to VCs, showcasing his remarkable transformation and business acumen. 

Reflecting the true essence of resilience, transformation, and the power of second chances, Wallo’s life story moves from the streets of Philadelphia to the heights of business success. 

This journey, marked by overcoming adversity and achieving greatness, has significantly impacted Wallo’s net worth, which is an impressive $2 million.

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The Origin Story of Wallace ‘Wallo’ Peeples

Wallace Peeples, better known as Wallo, has a backstory rooted deeply in the streets of Philadelphia. 

Growing up as a Philadelphia native, his early years were marred by a family tragedy when his brother was a victim of a shooting attack. 

This event was a pivotal moment leading to his own incarceration.

Wallo’s Relationship with April Divah

Wallo’s personal life has also been a topic of interest. 

He and his Girlfriend/Wife, April, have had a complex relationship. 

Although they are now separated, they remain close friends. 

April, who runs a salon, was Wallo’s first girlfriend and is now his first ex. 

In his hometown of Philadelphia, PA, Wallo267 is known to have married April Divah, popularly known as AprilDivahStyles on Instagram, and they share a child together.

Wallo Music Journey & Career

Upon his release from prison, following a 20-year sentence, Wallo decided to change his life and pursue a music career in the hip-hop culture. 

Joining forces with Gillie Da Kid, Wallo emerged as an artist with significant talent. 

Together, they embarked on various projects and songs, making a mark in the local music scene. 

Their partnership not only showcases their musical talents but also their shared experiences of resilience. 

Wallo’s experiences and journey have led to a successful career not just in music but also as a social media figure, speaker, and influencer. 

His passion, determination, and ability to overcome obstacles have been key to his desire to succeed.

Wallo267’s foray into rapping and recording began with mixtapes, earning him a loyal following even while incarcerated on drug-related charges. 

His music career really took off after his release, as he built his brand with successful mixtapes and albums like “Gangsta Chronicles” and “Code Name: Wall Street.” 

Collaborations with artists like Meek Mill and G Herbo, and performances at various venues, have highlighted his raw, honest lyrics that resonate with themes of street culture, violence, drugs, and poverty, which are prevalent in his work. 

The dedication and authenticity he brings to his music have not only crafted a unique position for him in the music industry but also significantly influenced Wallo net worth, which is an impressive $2 million.

Wallo267’s Impactful Business Ventures and Social Media Presence

In the realm of social media, particularly on Instagram, Wallo267 stands out for his motivational messages and personal stories. 

These updates are more than just content; they are insights into his life, offering inspiration and guidance to his followers. 

His podcast, Million Dollaz Worth of Game, has become a critical platform for discussing not only business and entrepreneurship but also personal development. 

This multifaceted approach has allowed him to reach a broad audience, providing value through various forms of media.

Wallo267’s Strategic Entrance into the Cannabis Market

Wallo267’s venture into the cannabis industry marks a significant shift in his career. 

Recognizing the lucrative potential in cannabis-related businesses, he has delved into dispensaries, grow operations, and distribution companies. 

His understanding of cannabis laws and the industry landscape has opened doors to numerous opportunities, attracting interest from various investors. 

His involvement signifies not just business acumen but also a keen eye for emerging markets.

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Wallo267’s Foray into Mobile App Development

In the tech industry, Wallo267 has shown a keen interest in development, especially in mobile apps. 

He has partnered with developers to create apps that serve practical needs, such as a financial management tool to help users save money and track expenses. 

This move demonstrates his versatility and willingness to explore new industries and technologies. 

Wallo net worth is an impressive $2 million.

Wallo267’s Philanthropic Impact and Community Empowerment

Delving into the philanthropic efforts of Wallo267 unveils a facet of his personality that’s as profound as his business acumen. 

His approach to philanthropy is deeply rooted in his own experiences and success story. 

Utilizing his wealth and influence, Wallo267 has become a pivotal figure in supporting his community in Philadelphia. 

His involvement with various charities and organizations demonstrates a commitment not just to giving back, but to nurturing future generations.

Central to his philanthropic endeavors, Wallo267’s net worth of an impressive $2 million has enabled him to make a significant impact. 

His financial resources have bolstered his ability to support vital causes and institutions that align with his vision for a better future.

A key area of his philanthropic focus is education and youth development. 

Understanding the transformative power of education, Wallo267’s contributions to institutions like the School of the Future, a notable public high school in Philadelphia, highlight his dedication to these causes. 

His funds and support for this institution underscore the importance of education in shaping young minds and preparing them for successful entrepreneurship.

Through his philanthropic journey, Wallo267 doesn’t just donate resources; he invests in the potential of individuals and communities. 

His actions are a testament to his belief that with the right support and opportunities, anyone can overcome their circumstances and achieve greatness. 

His efforts are not just about providing assistance; they’re about empowering people to build their own paths to success. 

In doing so, Wallo267 has become more than a benefactor; he’s a catalyst for positive change in his community.

wallo net worth
Image Source Facebook Wallo

Forecasting Wallo267’s Thriving Future and Business Growth

Peering into the future of Wallo267, one can anticipate a trajectory marked by continued success and expansion. 

His journey so far reflects a series of strategic moves and genuine connections that set a precedent for his future endeavors. 

Given his current status, predictions about his net worth and career path are not just optimistic but are based on tangible evidence from his past and present activities.

Central to his burgeoning empire, Wallo net worth, an impressive $2 million, underscores his potential for substantial financial growth. 

This figure is expected to rise given his diversified portfolio and keen business acumen, especially his noteworthy involvement in the burgeoning cannabis industry. 

The sector’s rapid growth offers immense potential for future returns and is a testament to Wallo267’s forward-thinking investment strategy.

Moreover, his social media presence, particularly through his podcast and Instagram account, is a potent tool for amplifying his visibility and influence. 

The growing number of followers and the engagement he garners indicate potential for more significant business opportunities and partnerships. 

These digital platforms serve as strategic avenues for brand growth and business ventures, not merely content dissemination.

Wallo267’s ability to leverage his social media for business is a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen. 

His approach to diversifying his portfolio hints at a substantial increase in his wealth, marking him as an individual poised for continued success and greater achievements in the business world.

Wallo267’s Strategic Deal with Barstool Sports and Brand Expansion

Delving into the recent developments in Wallo267’s career, a standout moment is his new venture under the Million Dollaz Worth of Game brand. 

Teaming up with his cousin/co-host, Gillie Da King, they’ve managed to ink a significant contract that’s making waves in the entertainment industry.

This contract, secured with Barstool Sports, is more than just a regular deal. 

It represents a strategic move by Wallo267, who has always been keen on expanding his influence beyond just content creation. 

The agreement with Barstool Sports is unique as it includes an ownership stake in the company. 

This is a game-changer for Wallo267, placing him in a position of not just a content creator or a host but as a key stakeholder in a leading media company.

The partnership highlights Wallo267’s business acumen and his vision for growth. 

His choice to negotiate an ownership stake rather than a simple payment or fee demonstrates a deep understanding of long-term value and wealth creation. 

It’s a reflection of his journey from a content creator to a business mogul.

Such a move is indicative of Wallo267’s broader strategy in the industry. 

By securing a stake in Barstool Sports, he ensures a sustained influence and a steady growth in his net worth. 

This is not just a contract signing; it’s a testament to his savvy approach to business and his understanding of the value of equity in a rapidly growing company.

Wallo267: From Street Life to Social Media Influence

Upon his release, Wallo267 turned his Instagram account into a beacon of fame, narrating his transformation from a curb-side orator dealing with the difficulties of street life to a source of street-life advice and worldly musings. 

His videos often feature motivational messages for those who have faced similar challenges, and he is not averse to sharing his thoughts on interactions with law enforcement officials, especially reflecting on times when he was injured.

With his growing number of followers, Wallo267 has become a local celebrity, leveraging social media channels to amplify his voice beyond the streets he once knew.

Social Media Table

Real Estate Investments: Wallo267’s Path to Wealth

In the financial success narrative, Wallo267’s journey into real estate investments stands as a noteworthy example.

His strategic approach to building long-term wealth through real estate reflects his acumen and innovation.

Investing in properties across Philadelphia, his portfolio includes rental properties and commercial spaces, demonstrating his keen eye for investments that yield a steady income.

This venture not only enhanced his net worth but also secured a passive income stream, crucial in wealth accumulation.

Wallo267’s decision to diversify into real estate marks a significant step in his investment journey, aiming for sustainable income in a city with unique market dynamics.

His ability to spot and transform undervalued properties into profitable investments is particularly commendable.

He doesn’t just buy and hold; he actively increases the value of his investments through enhancements, a smart strategy in a competitive market.

This foresight and value addition approach significantly boost his rental and resale values, underpinning his successful investment strategy.


In conclusion, Wallo journey from Poverty to a significant Net Worth through varied Investments, Business Ventures, and a successful Music Career is a story of Determination and Talents. 

His Social Media Presence and Philanthropic Efforts highlight his commitment to Education, Entrepreneurship, and Community welfare. 

Wallo267’s Business Empire and influential Ventures stand as testaments to his Positive Impact, reshaping not just his life but also inspiring others in their paths to success.

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