Anthony Joshua’s Net Worth and Earnings From Huge Boxing Purses

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Welcome to my article on Anthony Joshua’s financial success! In this section, we will discuss Anthony Joshua’s net worth and earnings from huge boxing purses. Anthony Joshua is a renowned boxer and has achieved significant financial success throughout his career. His lucrative purses have contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

Anthony Joshua is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, and his wealth can be attributed to his success in the boxing ring. He has won multiple world titles and has competed in some of the most-watched fights in boxing history, earning him millions of dollars.

But Anthony Joshua’s success goes beyond his boxing career. His impressive net worth is also the result of his endorsements and sponsorships, business ventures, investments, and philanthropic efforts. We will explore all of these factors in greater detail in the following sections.

Key Takeaways

  • Anthony Joshua’s net worth is the result of his success in the boxing ring, as well as other ventures.
  • His earnings from huge boxing purses have contributed significantly to his overall wealth.
  • Anthony Joshua is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world.
  • His financial success is not only the result of his boxing career but also his business ventures, investments, and philanthropic efforts.
  • We will explore all of these factors in greater detail in the following sections.

Early Life and Boxing Beginnings

Anthony Joshua, born on October 15, 1989, in Watford, England, had a disruptive childhood. His Nigerian mother and Irish father split up when he was just a young boy. He then spent most of his childhood in Watford with his mother and his extended family, including his cousin Ben Ileyemi, who introduced him to boxing at the age of 18.

Joshua started boxing at the Finchley Amateur Boxing Club in North London, where he was trained by Sean Murphy. He quickly showed promise, winning his first fight against Hector Avila in 2008. In the same year, he won the Haringey Box Cup, a prestigious amateur boxing tournament.

Over the next few years, Joshua continued to establish himself as a promising amateur boxer, winning several major titles, including a gold medal at the 2010 ABA Championships and a silver medal at the 2011 World Amateur Boxing Championships.

The Transition to Professional Boxing

After the London Olympics in 2012, where Joshua won a gold medal in the super-heavyweight division, he made the decision to turn professional. He signed with Matchroom Sport, a sports promotion company led by Eddie Hearn, and began his professional career in October 2013.

Joshua’s professional debut was a resounding success, with him knocking out his opponent, Emanuele Leo, within the first round. Over the next few years, he continued to dominate the boxing world, winning all of his fights and collecting various title belts along the way.

Anthony Joshua early boxing career

“Boxing is a sport that’s about character. It’s about taking hits and still moving forward.”

In interviews, Joshua has credited his tough upbringing for his success in the boxing ring, saying that it taught him the resilience and determination he needed to succeed in the sport. He has also spoken about how boxing has given him a sense of purpose and a way to provide for his family.

With his impressive amateur record and his subsequent dominance in the professional ranks, Joshua has established himself as one of the greatest boxers of his generation. His early life and boxing beginnings have certainly shaped him into the champion he is today.

Anthony Joshua: Rise to Prominence in the Boxing World

Anthony Joshua’s rise to prominence in the boxing world is nothing short of remarkable. His passion for the sport, combined with his formidable physical abilities and dedication, has enabled him to achieve a remarkable level of success, both in and outside of the ring.

From his early days as an amateur boxer, to his professional career and his impressive record of victories, Joshua has shown a level of skill and determination that has set him apart from his peers. He has faced some of the most talented boxers in the world, and emerged victorious time and time again, cementing his place as one of the most formidable athletes in the sport.

Some of Joshua’s most notable victories include his triumph over Wladimir Klitschko in 2017, which saw him claim the WBA, IBO, and IBF titles, as well as his recent victory over Kubrat Pulev, which took place in 2020 and saw him defend his world heavyweight belts.

Throughout his career, Joshua has shown an unwavering commitment to improving his skills and staying at the top of his game. His rise to prominence in the boxing world is a testament to his determination, hard work, and natural talent, and it is clear that he will continue to be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.

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Boxing Purses and Major Earnings

Anthony Joshua’s net worth is significantly linked to his boxing purses and major earnings. The British boxer’s financial success is a testament to his skills and achievements in the ring. Since turning pro in 2013, Joshua has earned millions from his fights, with his highest paycheck coming from his 2019 rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr.

The fight, which took place in Saudi Arabia, saw Joshua reclaim his unified heavyweight titles, and he reportedly earned a whopping $85 million from the bout. In contrast, Ruiz Jr. earned $13 million, showing the enormous gap between the two boxers in terms of earnings. Other significant fights that have boosted Joshua’s net worth include his unification match against Joseph Parker in 2018, which earned him $22 million, and his first victory against Ruiz Jr., which earned him $60 million.

Anthony Joshua boxing purses and earnings

Joshua’s success in the ring has not only earned him huge purses but also lucrative endorsement deals with major brands like Under Armour and Lucozade Sport. These partnerships have further contributed to his overall net worth, with Forbes estimating his earnings from endorsements at $11 million in 2020.

Despite his financial success, Joshua remains focused on his craft, often reinvesting his earnings in his training and career. He notably spends a significant amount of his wealth on hiring top-notch sparring partners and coaches to help him prepare for his fights.

Sponsorship and Endorsement Deals

Anthony Joshua’s financial success is not solely derived from his boxing purses and business ventures. He has also secured lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals that have boosted his overall net worth.

One of Joshua’s most high-profile partnerships is with sportswear giant Under Armour. In 2016, he signed a multi-year deal with the brand, becoming one of their top global ambassadors. The exact financial details of the deal are undisclosed, but it is reported to be worth millions of dollars.

Joshua has also worked with other notable brands, including Jaguar, Beats by Dre, and William Hill. His partnership with William Hill, one of the world’s largest betting companies, caused some controversy due to concerns about the promotion of gambling. However, Joshua defended the deal, stating that it was a personal decision and that he did not condone irresponsible gambling.

Brand Year Value
Under Armour 2016 – present Undisclosed, reportedly worth millions
Jaguar 2017 – present Undisclosed, reportedly worth millions
Beats by Dre 2019 – present Undisclosed, reportedly worth millions
William Hill 2021 – present Undisclosed, reportedly worth millions

These partnerships have not only provided financial benefits for Joshua but have also boosted his public image and brand recognition. His marketability as a sports personality and public figure has resulted in numerous opportunities for sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Overall, Anthony Joshua’s sponsorship and endorsement deals have proven to be a significant contributor to his net worth. His partnerships with global brands have not only brought him financial success but have also cemented his status as one of the most marketable athletes in the world.

Anthony Joshua endorsement deals

Business Ventures and Investments

Anthony Joshua has not only made a fortune through his boxing career but has also made strategic business ventures and investments that have significantly contributed to his overall net worth.

One of his most significant investments is his company, AJ Boxing Limited. The company, which he founded in 2014, manages his boxing career and has grown to include merchandise sales and other business ventures, including a fitness app.

Joshua has also invested in real estate, owning multiple properties in the UK, including a luxury apartment in London’s Skyline Plaza. He has also invested in renewable energy, with a stake in a UK-based solar energy company.

The boxer has also ventured into the world of fashion, with a partnership with the UK-based clothing and lifestyle brand, BOSS. The collaboration involves releasing limited edition clothing lines that feature his signature style.

Anthony Joshua Business Ventures and Investments

“I want to be a businessman as well as a sportsman, and that’s why I’ve been so diligent and focused with my team around me to make sure that whatever I do outside of boxing, it’s something that I really love.”

Joshua’s motivation to venture into business was fueled by his desire to create a legacy beyond boxing. He has expressed his desire to create opportunities for future generations and make an impact in various industries, including fashion and renewable energy.

Philanthropic Efforts and Charitable Contributions

Anthony Joshua has not only made a significant impact in the boxing world but has also been an active philanthropist, supporting various charitable causes throughout his career.

One of his notable philanthropic efforts is the establishment of the Anthony Joshua Foundation, which aims to empower and inspire young people in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. The foundation supports programs that provide education, skills training, and employment opportunities to young people, helping them to realize their full potential.

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In addition to his foundation, Anthony Joshua has also contributed to other charitable causes, including disaster relief efforts in Nigeria and the fight against COVID-19. In 2020, he donated over ₤100,000 to various charities aimed at supporting the most vulnerable communities impacted by the pandemic.

Anthony Joshua’s philanthropic efforts have not gone unnoticed, with him receiving recognition and several awards for his contributions. In 2018, he was awarded the Community Champion Award by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, for his philanthropic work and efforts to bring communities together.

Charitable Contributions of Anthony Joshua

Year Cause Amount Donated
2017 Disaster relief efforts in Nigeria $50,000
2018 Supporting Grenfell Tower fire victims $80,000
2019 Supporting the homeless in London $100,000
2020 COVID-19 relief efforts $120,000

Anthony Joshua’s charitable contributions and philanthropic endeavors exemplify his commitment to giving back to communities and supporting those in need. His generosity serves as an inspiration to many and showcases the positive impact that can be made through charitable giving.

Anthony Joshua Philanthropy

Financial Management and Wealth Accumulation

Anthony Joshua’s impressive net worth is the result of not only his boxing career but also his strategic financial management. His approach to investments, savings, and overall financial planning has been instrumental in his wealth accumulation.

Joshua has been known to be proactive in his financial planning, seeking advice from financial experts to better manage his earnings. He has also diversified his investments outside of boxing, including significant stakes in real estate and tech startups. By spreading his wealth across various asset classes, he has minimized his financial risk and ensured long-term financial stability.

Another aspect of Joshua’s financial management is his disciplined approach to saving. He has been known to set aside a significant portion of his earnings, ensuring he has a sound financial safety net. He has also been mindful of his spending, avoiding lavish expenses and instead opting for more practical purchases.

All in all, Anthony Joshua’s financial management has been an essential component of his wealth accumulation. Through a combination of proactive financial planning, diversified investments, and disciplined savings, he has established himself as one of the most financially successful boxers of all time.

Anthony Joshua's Financial Management and Wealth Accumulation


Having examined Anthony Joshua’s net worth and earnings from boxing purses, it is clear that he has achieved significant financial success through his career as a professional boxer. His notable victories, record-breaking performances, and lucrative purses have contributed to his impressive net worth.

In addition to his boxing career, Anthony Joshua’s business ventures, sponsorship and endorsement deals, and philanthropic efforts have further bolstered his financial standing. His entrepreneurial endeavors highlight his ability to leverage his fame and success in the boxing world to expand his wealth beyond the sport.

Furthermore, Anthony Joshua’s philanthropic contributions demonstrate his commitment to giving back and using his financial resources to positively impact the world around him. His philanthropy aligns with his personal values and serves as an example for other successful individuals to follow.

Overall, Anthony Joshua’s journey serves as an inspiration for those looking to achieve financial success through dedication, hard work, and strategic financial management. His story highlights the potential rewards that can come from pursuing one’s passion, leveraging one’s success, and giving back to the community.


What is Anthony Joshua’s net worth?

Anthony Joshua’s net worth is estimated to be around $80 million.

How much does Anthony Joshua earn from boxing purses?

Anthony Joshua has earned significant sums from his boxing purses, with some of his biggest fights earning him millions of dollars.

How did Anthony Joshua start his boxing career?

Anthony Joshua’s boxing journey began in his early years when he discovered a passion for the sport. He then went on to train and compete in amateur boxing, eventually transitioning to the professional ranks.

What are some of Anthony Joshua’s notable victories?

Anthony Joshua has secured several notable victories throughout his career, including wins against heavyweight champions such as Wladimir Klitschko and Joseph Parker.

How have sponsorship and endorsement deals contributed to Anthony Joshua’s net worth?

Anthony Joshua has secured lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals with renowned brands, which have provided him with additional financial benefits and contributed to his overall net worth.

Has Anthony Joshua ventured into other businesses or investments?

Yes, Anthony Joshua has diversified his income through various business ventures and investments outside of boxing, further increasing his net worth.

What philanthropic efforts has Anthony Joshua been involved in?

Anthony Joshua is actively involved in philanthropy and has made charitable contributions to various causes, supporting initiatives that align with his values and desire to make a positive impact.

How has Anthony Joshua managed his finances and accumulated his wealth?

Anthony Joshua has employed strategic financial management techniques, including wise investments, careful spending, and long-term planning to accumulate his wealth.

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