Bob Odenkirk Net Worth 2024: Age, Wiki, Wife, And More

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Bob Odenkirk Net Worth

Bob Odenkirk Net Worth

$30 Million

As of 2024, Bob Odenkirk estimated Net Worth is approximately $30 Million.

He is a versatile professional known for his work as an American actor, comedian, writer, and filmmaker, with notable contributions to the entertainment industry.

Bob Odenkirk Biography

Full NameRobert John Odenkirk
Date of BirthOctober 22, 1962
Place of BirthBerwyn, Illinois, U.S.
Alma MaterSouthern Illinois University
OccupationsActor, Comedian, Filmmaker
Years Active1987–present
SpouseNaomi Yomtov (married in 1997)
FamilyBill Odenkirk (brother)
Net WorthEstimated at $30 Million (in 2024)

Who Is Bob Odenkirk?

Bob Odenkirk, the multi-talented American actor, comedian, and filmmaker, has carved an enduring legacy in the entertainment realm.

Born Robert John Odenkirk on October 22, 1962, in Berwyn, Illinois, he has etched a significant footprint in the landscape of comedy, acting, and television production.

Bob Odenkirk’s distinguished career, which spans several decades, is most prominently defined by his outstanding performances in highly acclaimed television series like “Breaking Bad” and its spinoff, “Better Call Saul.”

In the year 2024, it is approximated that Bob Odenkirk net worth stands at an impressive $30 million.

His substantial wealth is a testament to his enduring success in the world of entertainment and acting.

Beyond his prowess in dramatic roles, he has also emerged as a prominent figure in sketch comedy, most notably as the co-creator of “Mr. Show with Bob and David,” a groundbreaking series in collaboration with David Cross.

Odenkirk’s journey from the realms of comedy writing to attaining the status of one of the most esteemed actors in the industry is a narrative marked by resilience and innovation, leaving an indelible mark on both the comedy and drama genres.

Bob Odenkirk Early Life and Education

His journey in the world of entertainment began with a humble upbringing.

Bob was the second oldest of seven siblings in a Catholic family of German and Irish descent.

Bob’s parents divorced, partially due to his father’s struggles with alcoholism.

His upbringing in Naperville, Illinois, was marked by a desire to escape the perceived limitations of his small-town life.

This desire to break free and achieve exciting things would fuel his future endeavors.

At 16, Bob graduated from Naperville North High School. Eager to move on to new adventures, he decided to leave high school early.

He pursued his early college education at the local College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, before transferring to Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and later to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

At SIU, Bob honed his sketch-writing and performance skills through live shows on college radio stations.

His journey into comedy began as a radio DJ for WIDB, where he created a late-night radio comedy show called “The Prime Time Special.”

After three years, Bob Odenkirk was just three credits short of graduating when he decided to explore writing and improv in Chicago.

He completed the missing credits at Columbia College Chicago and earned his bachelor’s degree from SIU in 1984.

This educational journey laid the foundation for Bob’s future career in comedy and entertainment.

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Bob Odenkirk Career Beginnings 

Bob Odenkirk’s career in the entertainment industry started to take shape as he delved into writing, performing, and comedy in Chicago.

His initial education and experiences at various colleges equipped him with the skills he needed to succeed in the competitive world of comedy.

Odenkirk began his career in earnest when he attended the Players Workshop, where he met Robert Smigel.

This meeting would spark a creative partnership that lasted for years.

Together with Smigel, he embarked on a journey that eventually led him to “Saturday Night Live” (SNL).

One of Bob Odenkirk’s earliest comedic influences was Monty Python’s “Flying Circus.”

He admired its combination of cerebral humor and verbal slapstick.

This influence, along with others like Steve Dahl, SCTV, Steve Martin, Woody Allen, and Bob and Ray, contributed to the development of his comedic style.

Bob Odenkirk Saturday Night Live and The Ben Stiller Show

In 1987, Bob Odenkirk’s career took a significant turn when he was hired as a writer for “Saturday Night Live” (SNL).

Working alongside comedy heavyweights like Robert Smigel and Conan O’Brien, Odenkirk made valuable contributions to the show.

Despite his success, he was unsure about the effectiveness of his writing at SNL.

During a summer break in 1988, Odenkirk returned to Chicago to collaborate with Smigel and O’Brien on a stage show titled “Happy Happy Good Show.”

This was followed by a one-man show called “Show-Acting Guy,” directed by Tom Gianas.

Bob’s final summer hiatus from SNL involved writing and acting in the Second City Mainstage show titled “Flag Burning Permitted in Lobby Only.”

Notably, it was during this show that he created the character “Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker,” a character famously portrayed by Chris Farley on SNL.

Odenkirk also had small acting roles on SNL, particularly in a parody commercial for “Bad Idea Jeans.”

He worked alongside other future comedy stars like Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Rock, and Chris Farley.

However, he eventually decided to leave SNL to pursue a career in performing.

His time at SNL provided him with valuable lessons in sketch writing.

In 1991, Bob Odenkirk made his way to Los Angeles, where he delved into comedy writing.

His early projects included work on “Get a Life,” featuring Chris Elliott, and contributions to “The Dennis Miller Show,” marking the genesis of his television career.

His friendship with Ben Stiller, with whom he briefly shared an office at SNL, led to his involvement in the cast of “The Ben Stiller Show” in 1992.

Bob Odenkirk
Image Source – Bob Odenkirk Facebook

Mr. Show with Bob and David

“Mr. Show with Bob and David” holds a prominent position in the illustrious journey of Bob Odenkirk, representing a sketch comedy series born from the collaborative efforts of Odenkirk and fellow comedian David Cross.

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Originally gracing HBO screens from 1995 to 1998, this show indelibly shaped the landscape of alternative comedy.

The ensemble cast of “Mr. Show” served as a fertile breeding ground for emerging comedy luminaries.

Comedic talents like Sarah Silverman, Paul F. Tompkins, Jack Black, Tom Kenny, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Brian Posehn, and Scott Aukerman all traced their comedic origins back to the early days of this groundbreaking show.

While “Mr. Show” received critical acclaim and garnered numerous Emmy nominations for its writing, its cult status persisted, partly owing to its exclusivity on premium cable.

The program’s revolutionary, boundary-pushing approach provided the ideal canvas for showcasing the comedic brilliance synonymous with Odenkirk and Cross.

Following the conclusion of “Mr. Show,” Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, and their team of writers boldly undertook the task of crafting “Run, Ronnie, Run.”

This film project expanded on a sketch from the show’s initial season.

Sadly, they lost control of the production during the editing phase, resulting in their disengagement from the finished product.

Bob Odenkirk Venturing into Film: A New Chapter

In the early 2000s, Bob Odenkirk decided to extend his creative talents to the world of film, marking a new chapter in his already diverse career.

Bob Odenkirk Directing “Melvin Goes to Dinner” (2003)

Odenkirk’s directorial debut came with the film “Melvin Goes to Dinner,” in which he also played the role of Keith.

This project earned him significant acclaim as it received positive reviews from critics and went on to win the Audience Award at the SXSW Film and Music Festival.

Despite its humble beginnings with a self-release in just five cities, it gained recognition and was later distributed on DVD by Sundance.

Bob Odenkirk Discovering Tim & Eric

Odenkirk’s contributions to comedy expanded as he discovered the comedy duo Tim & Eric.

His keen eye for talent led to the production of their offbeat and surreal television series, “Tom Goes to the Mayor” (2004–2006) and “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” (2007–2010).

These shows quickly gained a dedicated fan base, thanks to their unique and absurd brand of humor.

Bob Odenkirk Guest Appearances on Popular TV Shows

During this period, Odenkirk made several guest appearances on well-loved TV series, showcasing his versatility as a performer.

His appearances ranged from “Everybody Loves Raymond” to “How I Met Your Mother,” demonstrating his ability to adapt to different comedic styles and settings.

Bob Odenkirk Almost Michael Scott on “The Office:” 

Odenkirk’s name was once considered for the iconic role of Michael Scott in the pilot of “The Office.”

Ultimately, the role was awarded to Steve Carell, but this didn’t deter Odenkirk from later making a guest appearance in the final season of the show, portraying a Philadelphia manager who bore a striking resemblance to the beloved character, Michael Scott.

Directorial Works: In 2006, Odenkirk directed the comedy film “Let’s Go to Prison,” which was written by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant.

The film starred Will Arnett, Dax Shepard, and Chi McBride. While the film received mixed reviews, it marked an important step in Odenkirk’s journey into filmmaking.

The following year, he took the director’s chair again for “The Brothers Solomon,” a comedy film written by Will Forte and starring Forte, Will Arnett, and Kristen Wiig.

Despite the film’s modest success, these directing opportunities allowed Odenkirk to explore his creative vision beyond the confines of sketch comedy.

Bob Odenkirk’s foray into film showcased his versatility, not only as a performer but also as a director who was unafraid to venture into new territory.

His early achievements in the world of cinema marked the beginning of a new phase in his illustrious career.

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Bob Odenkirk’s Roles in “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”

The early 2000s set the stage for what would become two of Bob Odenkirk’s most iconic roles.

In 2009, he joined the cast of AMC’s critically acclaimed series “Breaking Bad” as the morally flexible lawyer Saul Goodman.

The role was initially intended as a three-episode guest spot in the show’s second season.

However, Odenkirk’s compelling performance left a lasting impression on the show’s creators, Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan, leading to the expansion of the character into an ongoing role.

Bob Odenkirk Becoming Saul Goodman

Odenkirk became a series regular as Saul Goodman for the third, fourth, and fifth seasons of “Breaking Bad.”

His portrayal of the slick, morally ambiguous lawyer added a unique and memorable dimension to the series.

Saul Goodman’s charisma, sharp wit, and morally ambiguous ethics made him one of the standout characters in a show filled with complex individuals.

Bob Odenkirk A Career Milestone

This role not only solidified Bob Odenkirk’s status as a prominent actor in the industry but also introduced him to a broader audience.

His ability to balance humor and drama in the role of Saul Goodman earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following.

Bob Odenkirk Ventures Beyond Breaking Bad

In 2011, Odenkirk embarked on a new project by writing and developing “Let’s Do This!” for Adult Swim.

The show featured Cal Mackenzie-Goldberg, a “two-bit movie mogul and head of Cal-Gold Pictures,” and revolved around the antics of fame-hungry strivers chasing their Hollywood dreams.

Bob Odenkirk Supporting Innovative Comedy

Odenkirk also took on the role of executive producer for “The Birthday Boys,” a sketch comedy show that starred a comedy group of the same name.

The show, which premiered on IFC in 2013, marked his continued involvement in creating and supporting innovative comedy.

Bob Odenkirk Diverse Roles

In 2014, Bob Odenkirk graced the screen as Police Chief Bill Oswalt in FX’s miniseries “Fargo.”

His portrayal depicted a character navigating unfamiliar waters, sprinkling the series with his distinctive comedic flair.

During the same year, Odenkirk assumed the role of Dr. Stork, a peculiar podiatrist renowned for his unusual profession of toe removal, in Adult Swim’s anthology series “Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories.”

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Bob Odenkirk Expanding into Film

Following his success in “Breaking Bad,” Bob Odenkirk began to secure more prominent roles in critically acclaimed films such as “Incredibles 2,” “Little Women,” “The Post,” “The Disaster Artist,” “The Spectacular Now,” and “Nebraska.”

These films showcased his versatility and established him as a sought-after actor in both television and film.

Bob Odenkirk’s journey from a three-episode role on “Breaking Bad” to becoming the unforgettable Saul Goodman is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft.

His ability to transition seamlessly between television and film projects further solidifies his status as a multifaceted performer in the entertainment industry.

W/ Bob & David and Other Projects

In 2015, Bob Odenkirk teamed up with former co-star David Cross to create “W/ Bob & David,” a sketch comedy series that served as a spiritual successor to “Mr. Show.”

The series was commissioned by Netflix, and its first season was released in November 2015.

It featured four 30-minute episodes, along with an hour-long behind-the-scenes special.

Odenkirk and Cross not only starred in the show but also wrote and produced it.

The return to sketch comedy was a delight for fans of Odenkirk and Cross’s unique brand of humor.

Odenkirk expressed interest in creating more seasons of the show, reflecting his ongoing commitment to comedy.

Around the same time, Odenkirk took on a transformative role in the critically acclaimed series “Better Call Saul.”

The show served as a prequel to “Breaking Bad” and explored the origin story of lawyer Saul Goodman.

The series showcased Odenkirk’s ability to portray complex characters with depth and nuance.

In his capacity as a producer for “Better Call Saul,” Odenkirk made substantial contributions to the series’ triumph.

The inaugural season featured a total of ten episodes, and subsequent seasons followed in early 2016 and 2017.

As of August 6, 2018, the fourth season graced Netflix, and the eagerly anticipated fifth season made its debut on AMC on February 23, 2020.

The show’s final sixth season, which began production in February 2020 but faced delays due to COVID-19, started airing on April 18, 2022. “Better Call Saul” continued to receive critical acclaim and further cemented Bob Odenkirk’s reputation as a talented actor.

Bob Odenkirk A Load of Hooey and Book Publishing

Bob Odenkirk’s comedic talent is not limited to the screen. In 2014, he released a book titled “A Load of Hooey.”

This collection of humorous essays and musings showcased Odenkirk’s unique wit and writing style.

In “A Load of Hooey,” Odenkirk’s sharp observations and offbeat humor shone through, making it a favorite among fans and readers of humorous literature.

Personal Life and Health Of Bob Odenkirk

Beyond his illustrious career in entertainment, Bob Odenkirk’s personal life plays a significant role in shaping who he is.

Odenkirk married Naomi Yomtov in 1997, and the couple has two children together.

His supportive family has been instrumental in his life and career.

In July 2021, Bob Odenkirk faced a health scare when he collapsed on the set of “Better Call Saul.”

He was immediately rushed to the hospital and underwent treatment.

This incident was met with an outpouring of support from fans and fellow actors.

In September 2021, Odenkirk provided an update on his health, revealing that he had experienced a “small heart attack.”

He expressed his gratitude to the medical professionals who helped him recover and the support he received from friends and family.

Odenkirk’s recovery was met with relief and joy from his fans, and it emphasized the importance of health and well-being in one’s personal and professional life.

Bob Odenkirk Legacy and Future Projects

It’s indisputable that Bob Odenkirk has firmly secured his position in the comedy and entertainment sphere.

His singular humor, remarkable acting adaptability, and substantial involvement in innovative sketch comedy productions like “Mr. Show” and “W/ Bob & David” have created a sustained impact in the industry.

As of the completion of “Better Call Saul” and his recovery from a health scare, Bob Odenkirk remains an active and influential figure in the entertainment world.

Fans eagerly await his future projects, and he continues to be a beloved and admired figure in comedy and television.

Bob Odenkirk
Image Source – Bob Odenkirk Facebook

Bob Odenkirk Net Worth

As of 2024, Bob Odenkirk boasts an estimated net worth of $30 million, a testament to his illustrious career in the entertainment industry.

Odenkirk’s journey from comedy writing to becoming an acclaimed actor, comedian, director, and producer has been marked by financial milestones that reflect his versatility and dedication.

Notably, his portrayal of the morally flexible lawyer Saul Goodman in “Breaking Bad” and the prequel series “Better Call Saul” has significantly contributed to his financial success, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the world of television and film.

With ongoing projects and a diverse range of talents,

Bob Odenkirk’s net worth is expected to continue its upward trajectory, further solidifying his legacy in the realm of entertainment.

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Bob Odenkirk Estimated Net Worth Over The Years

YearBob Odenkirk Net Worth (Estimated)
2000$2 Million
2005$5 Million
2010$10 Million
2015$15 Million
2020$20 Million
2024$30 Million (as reported)
Bob Odenkirk Net Worth Table

Bob Odenkirk Social Media Accounts

He maintains a presence on various social media platforms, allowing fans to connect with him and stay updated on his projects.

corrected information:

Social Media PlatformProfile Link
Social Media Platform Table

Awards and Nominations Of Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk’s impressive career has earned him numerous awards and nominations.

Here is a table summarizing some of the notable accolades he has received

Primetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series“Better Call Saul”2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Golden Globe AwardsTop Actor in a Television Series – Serious Role“Better Call Saul”2016, 2017, 2018
Screen Actors Guild AwardsTop-Tier Male Actor Portrayal in a Drama Series“Breaking Bad”2014
Writers Guild of America AwardsComedy/Variety – Sketch Series“Mr. Show with Bob and David”1996, 1997, 1998
Awards and Nominations Table


Bob Odenkirk’s journey from the comedy clubs to iconic roles in television and film is a compelling testament to his extraordinary talent and remarkable adaptability.

His legacy is characterized by a unique blend of humor that effortlessly transcends genres, spanning from ingenious sketch comedy to riveting dramas.

As a driving creative force behind “Mr. Show with Bob and David,” Odenkirk nurtured the talents of budding comedians who eventually soared to stardom.

His influential presence as a producer in “Better Call Saul” exemplifies the multifaceted contributions he has made to the entertainment industry.

Bolstered by a substantial net worth and a robust presence in the realm of social media,

Bob Odenkirk’s enduring impact on the world of entertainment remains unquestionable.

In 2024, Bob Odenkirk net worth stands at an impressive $30 million, showcasing his financial success and industry significance.

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