Matt Rife Net Worth 2024: Age, Career, Wife, Wiki, And More 

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Matt Rife Net Worth

Matt Rife Net Worth

$1.5 Million

Matt Rife Net Worth is approximately $1.5 million, as of 2024.

His profession encompasses various roles, including comedian, actor, writer, YouTuber, and upcoming producer.

Matt Rife Biography

Full NameMatthew Steven Rife
Date of BirthSeptember 10, 1995
Age (2024)27 years old
Place of BirthColumbus, Ohio, USA
ProfessionComedian, Actor, Writer, YouTuber, Producer
Marital StatusUnmarried
FatherMichael Eric Gutzke (deceased)
MotherApril Rife
SiblingsThree older stepsisters, one younger half-sister
Ex-GirlfriendKate Beckinsale
Net Worth (2024)Approximately $1.5 million
Social MediaYouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, OnlyFans
Key AchievementsSemi-finalist on “Bring the Funny,” signed with CAA, two self-produced comedy specials

Introduction Of Matt Rife 

The entertainment industry is often a place of immense talent and versatility, where artists carve their paths to stardom through a blend of creativity, charisma, and hard work.

Matt Rife, the American stand-up comedian, actor, and producer, is a prime example of this.

With a rapid ascent in the world of comedy and a growing presence in television,

Matt Rife is a name to watch. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into his life, career, net worth and his journey from a small town in Ohio to the bright lights of Hollywood.

Matt Rife Birth and Hometown

Matt Rife, whose full name is Matthew Steven Rife, was born on September 10, 1995, in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus served as the backdrop of his early years, and it was here that his journey towards comedy began.

Columbus, with its Midwestern charm and vibrant culture, provided the young Matt with the inspiration to make people laugh.

Matt Rife Glimpse into Matt’s Roots

The story of Matt Rife early life is marked by a mixture of inspiration, challenge, and personal tragedy.

Matt grew up in various towns in Ohio, including North Lewisburg, New Albany, and Mount Vernon.

Each of these places contributed to shaping his perspective and fueling his aspirations.

  • North Lewisburg: This quaint town in Ohio was one of Matt’s early stomping grounds. It was here that he first started to discover his passion for comedy.
  • New Albany: Another chapter of Matt’s life unfolded in New Albany, a town known for its picturesque landscapes. His experiences here likely further ignited his creative spark.
  • Mount Vernon: This town provided yet another layer of influence on Matt’s journey. The cultural diversity of Mount Vernon may have played a role in broadening his horizons.

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Matt Rife Comedy Begins at 14

The inception of Matt Rife’s comedy career is a story that showcases his determination and the power of encouragement.

At the age of 14, a teacher informed Matt about an upcoming talent show at his high school.

The idea of performing in front of an audience intrigued him, and a nudge from a friend was all he needed to take the plunge.

  • Talent Show Debut: Matt’s comedic journey took flight at this talent show, and it laid the foundation for what would become his lifelong passion.

Matt Rife Overcoming Challenges

While the stage was a platform for laughter, Matt’s life was not without its challenges.

His father, Michael Eric Gutzke, took his own life when Matt was just 17 months old.

This early loss of a parent was undoubtedly a significant event that would shape his outlook and drive his determination to succeed.

Matt Rife Stand-Up Career As Rising Star

At the age of 15, Matt Rife began performing professionally, showcasing his talent to audiences who were captivated by his humor.

His early start in the world of stand-up comedy marked the beginning of a journey that would lead to national recognition.

Matt Rife Comedy Specials

Matt Rife comedic prowess is underscored by his self-produced comedy specials, each of which has contributed to his growing fame:

  • “Only Fans” (2021): This special, released in 2021, is a testament to Matt’s comedic genius. It not only showcases his ability to craft humor but also highlights his unique style.
  • “Matthew Steven Rife” (2023): Building on the success of “Only Fans,” Matt released this special in 2023. It demonstrates his evolution as a comedian and solidifies his presence in the comedy world.
  • “Walking Red Flag” (2023): In the same year, Matt Rife treated his audience to yet another special, “Walking Red Flag.” This special focuses on crowd-work, showing his versatility and dedication to keeping his sets fresh and engaging.
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Acting on the Side: Matt Rife Versatility on Screen

Beyond the realm of stand-up comedy, Matt Rife has successfully ventured into acting.

His ability to transition from comedy to acting underscores his versatile talent.

Matt Rife Guest Roles on Television

Matt’s foray into acting led to guest roles on popular television series, including:

  • “Wild ‘n Out:” Matt made a name for himself as a regular on the comedy improv show “Wild ‘n Out,” which catapulted him to stardom.
  • “Brooklyn Nine-Nine:” His portrayal of Brandon Bliss in the hit television series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” showcased his acting range.
  • “Fresh Off the Boat:” Matt’s appearance on the sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat,” where he played the role of Logan, further solidified his presence on screen.

Matt Rife and MTV: Host of Total Request Live

In 2017, Matt Rife took on a different role as he graced the stage as the host of MTV’s “Total Request Live.” ‘

This unique experience allowed him to showcase his charisma and captivate a broad audience.

Matt Rife
Image Source – Matt Rife Facebook

Matt Rife Charismatic Hosting

As the host of the rebooted “Total Request Live,” Matt Rife left an indelible mark as a charismatic presenter.

This role showcased his ability to engage with audiences on a larger scale, proving that he was more than just a comedian – he was a multifaceted entertainer.

Beyond Comedy and Acting: Matt Rife Exploration of the Paranormal

One of the unexpected facets of Matt Rife career is his involvement in paranormal investigations.

This interest sheds light on his diverse range of passions and hobbies.

Matt Rife Delving into the Unexplained

Matt Rife’s exploration of the paranormal is an intriguing chapter of his life.

He has been featured on the YouTube channel “Overnight,” where he delves into the mysteries of the supernatural.

This passion for the unexplained showcases a different side of his personality and interests.

Matt Rife Influences and Inspirations: Comedy Heroes

Every artist has their sources of inspiration, and for Matt Rife, it’s no different.

His comedic style is influenced by some of the greats in the industry.

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Comedy Idols Of Matt Rife

Matt has cited Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais as his two biggest influences in comedy.

He admires their prolific careers as comedians, writers, and performers, stating that they rank among the top three of all time.

Their humor and views on various topics align with Matt’s own perspective, making them influential figures in his comedic journey.

Matt Rife Personal Life: The Man Behind the Laughter

Matt Rife’s personal life has seen its share of public attention, particularly due to his previous relationship with British actress Kate Beckinsale.

The two briefly dated in 2017 and 2018, which garnered media coverage.

Matt Rife has been open about his personal struggles, mentioning in his comedy special “Only Fans” (2021) that he deals with clinical depression and an anxiety disorder.

These personal revelations have resonated with fans who appreciate his candidness and relatability.

While the comedian and actor’s professional life is often in the spotlight, his personal life includes these aspects that he has shared with his audience and the public.

Matt Rife Battle with Depression and Anxiety

In his comedy special “Only Fans” (2021), Matt Rife openly shared that he battles clinical depression and an anxiety disorder.

This vulnerability in discussing mental health resonated with many of his fans, highlighting the importance of addressing these issues in a relatable and humorous way.

The Filmography: Matt Rife On-Screen Appearances

Matt Rife has made a notable mark in the world of entertainment, not only as a comedian but also as an actor.

His journey in the film industry includes various roles in both short films and feature-length productions. Here’s a glimpse of his filmography:

  • “Sophomore Year” (2017): He took on the role of Jake Riker.
  • “Black Pumpkin” (2018): Matt portrayed the character Flash.
  • “The Debt” (2018): In this short film, he played the character Matt.
  • “Just Swipe” (2021): He played the character Colin.
  • “Wolf Mountain” (2022): In this film, he played the character James.
  • “Karma’s a Bitch” (TBA): Matt is set to appear as Kyle.
  • “Candy Flip” (TBA): He will portray the character Nathan.
  • “Trapped Inn” (TBA): Matt will not only act but also serve as an executive producer.
  • “The Private Eye” (TBA): In this film, he plays Mort Madison.
  • “Don’t Suck” (TBA): Matt Rife is set to appear as Ethan.
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Matt Rife filmography showcases his versatility as an actor, with a range of roles in different genres.

From short films to feature-length productions, he has continued to make his presence felt on the big screen.

His ongoing commitment to the world of acting hints at more exciting projects on the horizon

The Net Worth: Matt Rife Financial Success

As Matt Rife’s career continues to ascend, it’s natural to wonder about his financial success.

As of 2024, Matt Rife net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

This impressive figure reflects his multifaceted career, spanning comedy, acting, hosting, and more.

Matt Rife journey from a small town in Ohio to the vibrant entertainment industry in Hollywood has been marked by his dedication to his craft and his unique comedic talents.

His financial success is a testament to the hard work and commitment he has put into his career.

While his net worth is an impressive achievement, it’s also worth noting that Matt Rife career is still on the rise.

With numerous upcoming projects and a growing fan base, his financial prosperity is likely to continue growing alongside his professional success.

Matt Rife Estimated Net Worth Over The Years

YearNet Worth (Approx.)
2023$1 million
2024$1.5 million
Matt Rife net worth Table

Matt Rife Social Media Presence

In the age of social media, staying connected with fans is an essential part of an artist’s journey.

He is no exception, and he has a robust presence on various platforms.

Matt Rife Social Media Profiles

  • YouTube: Matt Rife maintains an active YouTube channel where he shares his comedic content and engages with his audience.
  • Instagram: With a growing following, his Instagram account is a hub for his personal and professional updates.
  • Twitter: Matt Rife tweets provide a glimpse into his daily life and insights into his career.
  • Facebook: His Facebook page is another space where fans can connect with him and stay updated on his endeavors.
  • OnlyFans: In addition to the mainstream platforms, Matt Rife is also available on OnlyFans, a platform that offers exclusive content and interaction with fans.

Matt Rife Social Media Profiles

Social Media PlatformProfile Link
YouTubeMatt Rife on YouTube
FacebookMatt Rife on Facebook
InstagramMatt Rife on Instagram
Matt Rife Social Media Table

Achievements and Awards

While Matt Rife’s career is still ascending, he has already achieved several notable milestones in the entertainment industry. 

Matt Rife Highlighted Achievements

  • Being a semi-finalist on the comedy competition series “Bring the Funny.”
  • Signing with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in December 2022, marking a significant milestone in his career.
  • Producing two self-titled comedy specials, “Matthew Steven Rife” in April 2023 and “Walking Red Flag” in June 2023.
  • Gaining significant recognition and a growing fan base on social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram.

Future Ventures: What’s Next for Matt Rife?

As Matt Rife’s career continues to evolve, the future holds exciting possibilities.

His commitment to producing fresh and engaging comedy, exploring acting, and connecting with fans through social media makes him a rising star to watch.

Matt Rife
Image Source – Matt Rife Facebook

Matt Rife Upcoming Projects

Matt Rife is involved in several upcoming projects, including:

  • “Karma’s a Bitch”: This film, in post-production, features him in the role of Kyle.
  • “Candy Flip”: Matt portrays the character Nathan in this upcoming film.
  • “Trapped Inn”: He takes on the role of Connor and serves as an executive producer for the film.
  • “The Private Eye”: In this post-production film, he plays the character Mort Madison.
  • “Don’t Suck”: Matt Rife appears as Ethan in this post-production project.

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In the world of entertainment, versatility is often the key to long-lasting success.

Matt Rife journey from a small town in Ohio to the bright lights of Hollywood reflects not only his dedication to comedy but also his willingness to explore new horizons.

His self-produced comedy specials, acting roles, and charismatic hosting on MTV have established him as a multi-talented star.

Matt Rife a growing net worth and a strong presence on social media, the future looks bright for this rising comedian and actor.

As we look ahead, Matt Rife upcoming projects and ongoing commitment to his craft make it clear that we can expect many more laughs and memorable moments from this dynamic entertainer.

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