Prince Harry’s Inherited Wealth and Net Worth After Royal Exit with Meghan

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Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, made waves when they announced their decision to step back from their senior royal duties in early 2020. This move had several repercussions, including potential effects on Prince Harry’s inherited wealth and net worth.

As a member of the British royal family, Prince Harry’s wealth comes from a combination of inherited assets and financial resources, as well as income from his various roles within the monarchy. However, with his departure from this position, significant changes could have occurred in his financial situation.

Key Takeaways

  • Prince Harry’s inherited wealth and net worth are likely to have experienced changes after his royal exit with Meghan.
  • His royal inheritance, including assets and financial resources, contributes significantly to his overall wealth.
  • The royal exit could have had implications on his income sources and financial support.
  • Examining Meghan Markle’s impact on Prince Harry’s net worth may provide additional insights into his financial situation.
  • An evaluation of Prince Harry’s net worth following the royal exit can help provide a clear understanding of his current financial standing.

Prince Harry’s royal inheritance

Prince Harry’s royal inheritance consists of various assets and financial resources that have been passed down to him from the royal family. This includes properties, investments, and other valuable assets that add to his overall net worth.

One of the most notable assets in Prince Harry’s inheritance is his mother’s estate, which was reportedly worth around $30 million at the time of her death. This inheritance was split between Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William.

Additionally, Prince Harry received a share of the Queen’s estate, which includes properties such as Balmoral Castle and Sandringham Estate. He also inherited jewelry and artwork from his mother, Princess Diana, which are considered to be priceless.

Overall, Prince Harry’s royal inheritance has contributed significantly to his net worth and financial stability.

The Impact of the Royal Exit on Prince Harry’s Finances

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their royal exit in January 2020, it was clear that the move would have significant financial implications for the couple. While Prince Harry’s inheritance and personal wealth provided a strong foundation for financial stability, his departure from royal duties may have affected his income sources and overall net worth.

One of the most significant changes to Prince Harry’s finances following the royal exit was the loss of income from the Sovereign Grant. As a member of the royal family, Prince Harry was entitled to receive funding from the Grant, which provides financial support for official royal duties and responsibilities.

Additionally, Prince Harry’s role as captain general of the Royal Marines and patron of other charitable organizations meant that he received income from these positions. While he has since stepped down from these roles, it remains unclear whether he will continue to receive any form of financial support for his charitable work.

On a positive note, Prince Harry’s personal wealth and investments are likely to have provided a substantial buffer against any financial impacts of his royal exit. In addition to his inheritance, which includes a share of his mother’s estate and other family assets, Prince Harry has also made smart business and investment decisions over the years.

royal exit

However, it’s worth noting that Prince Harry’s financial situation may have been affected by the global pandemic, which has had a significant impact on the wider economy. Any investments or business ventures that he has undertaken may have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, leading to a dip in his overall net worth.

Overall, the impact of the royal exit on Prince Harry’s finances is complex and multifaceted. While he has experienced some financial losses following his departure from royal duties, his personal wealth and investments are likely to have provided a substantial safety net. Only time will tell how his financial situation will continue to evolve in the years ahead.

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Sources of Prince Harry’s income

Prince Harry receives income from various sources, both before and after stepping back from his royal duties with Meghan Markle. These sources include:

Source of income Description
Income from the Duchy of Cornwall As a member of the royal family, Prince Harry received income from the Duchy of Cornwall, a private estate owned by his father Prince Charles.
The Royal Foundation Prince Harry was a patron of The Royal Foundation, a charity organization he founded alongside his brother Prince William.
Sponsorships and brand endorsements Prince Harry has entered into a number of sponsorship and brand endorsement deals over the years, particularly within the sports industry.
Speaking engagements Since stepping back from his royal duties, Prince Harry has reportedly entered into speaking engagements, taking part in virtual events and discussions both within and outside the UK.
Archewell Productions Together with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry founded Archewell Productions, which aims to produce content that “informs and gives hope.”
Personal investments and ventures Prince Harry has made personal investments and embarked on ventures outside of his royal duties, which may include properties, businesses, and other financial assets.

It is important to note that since stepping back from his royal duties, Prince Harry’s income sources may have shifted significantly from his previous roles within the royal family. Nevertheless, he still has access to various avenues for generating wealth and supporting his financial needs.

Prince Harry's sources of income

Meghan Markle’s impact on Prince Harry’s net worth

Since Prince Harry’s marriage to former American actress Meghan Markle in 2018, many wonder whether her financial resources and career have impacted his net worth. Although both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had established a career before their marriage, Meghan’s work as an actress and later as a fashion icon have undoubtedly contributed to their combined wealth.

According to Town & Country, Meghan Markle’s net worth stood at around $5 million before marrying Prince Harry. Her acting career, particularly her role in the television show “Suits,” had been lucrative for the starlet.

Meghan Markle impact on Prince Harry's net worth

However, it’s important to note that Meghan Markle is not the sole reason for Prince Harry’s wealth. With an inheritance from Princess Diana, Prince Harry has significant wealth of his own.

“His inheritance was estimated to be at least $10 million after taxes, plus an annual allowance from Prince Charles. Meghan hasn’t changed the purse strings,” explains Forbes.

Furthermore, since leaving his role in the royal family, Prince Harry, alongside Meghan Markle, have launched Archewell, a nonprofit organization. As per Town & Country, the couple’s multi-year deal with Netflix, which is estimated to be worth over $100 million, will also help boost their net worth.

The combined efforts of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have allowed for entrepreneurial ventures and financial opportunities to add to their overall wealth. While Meghan Markle has undoubtedly contributed to the couple’s net worth, it’s clear that both individuals have played a significant role in building their wealth.

Evaluating Prince Harry’s Current Net Worth

After reviewing all the information discussed in the previous sections, it is possible to make an evaluation of Prince Harry’s current net worth. His royal inheritance, various income sources, and investments have contributed significantly to his wealth. However, his decision to step back from the royal family with Meghan Markle may have impacted his financial situation.

According to Town & Country, Prince Harry’s current net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. This amount is significantly less than the net worth of his brother, Prince William, but still enough to provide him with a comfortable lifestyle.

Income Sources Estimated Amount
Royal Inheritance $20 million
Private Inheritance $10 million
Sussex Royal $5 million
Investments $5 million

The table above shows some of Prince Harry’s income sources, which include a royal inheritance of $20 million along with a private inheritance of $10 million. He also generated additional income through the Sussex Royal brand and various investments, which total approximately $10 million. However, this table only provides an estimated breakdown and may not reflect the true value of Prince Harry’s wealth.

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Prince Harry's Net Worth

Overall, Prince Harry’s net worth may have been impacted by his decision to step back from the royal family, but he continues to hold various income sources and investments that contribute significantly to his wealth. It will be interesting to see how his financial situation evolves in the coming years as he continues to pursue various business ventures and philanthropic endeavors.


In conclusion, Prince Harry’s inherited wealth and net worth following his royal exit with Meghan Markle is a complex topic that involves various factors. Through our exploration of Prince Harry’s royal inheritance, the impact of the royal exit on his finances, sources of his income, Meghan Markle’s potential impact on his net worth, and an evaluation of his current wealth, we’ve gained insight into his financial situation.

While Prince Harry’s royal inheritance undoubtedly contributes to his net worth, his decision to step back from the royal family may have resulted in changes to his income sources. Additionally, Meghan Markle’s own financial resources and potential joint ventures with Prince Harry could have influenced the couple’s overall wealth.

Despite the challenges that come with leaving the royal family, Prince Harry’s net worth remains substantial. However, it’s worth noting that his decision to move away from royal life could have significant long-term implications for his finances and inherited wealth. Overall, this analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence Prince Harry’s net worth and inherited wealth, and how his royal exit with Meghan Markle may have affected his financial situation.


What is Prince Harry’s current net worth?

Prince Harry’s current net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. However, it is important to note that this figure is subject to change as his financial situation evolves.

What kind of royal inheritance did Prince Harry receive?

Prince Harry received a significant royal inheritance, which includes access to properties such as Frogmore Cottage, financial resources from the Duchy of Cornwall, and a substantial share of the money left behind by his late mother, Princess Diana.

How has Prince Harry’s royal exit affected his finances?

Prince Harry’s decision to step back from his royal duties, coupled with the loss of his official income streams, has likely had an impact on his finances. However, he continues to receive support from the Duchy of Cornwall, which helps sustain his lifestyle.

What are the sources of Prince Harry’s income?

Prince Harry’s income is sourced from a combination of his royal allowance, the profits generated by the Duchy of Cornwall, and any potential earnings from his various business ventures, public speaking engagements, and book deals.

How has Meghan Markle influenced Prince Harry’s net worth?

Meghan Markle, being a successful actress prior to joining the royal family, has likely contributed to Prince Harry’s net worth through her own financial resources and potential joint projects with him. However, the specifics of her impact on his wealth are not publicly disclosed.

What is the estimated value of Prince Harry’s assets following his royal exit?

The estimated value of Prince Harry’s assets post-royal exit is difficult to determine accurately. It includes properties like Frogmore Cottage, as well as any investments or business ventures he may have, such as his partnership with Netflix and the Invictus Games Foundation.

In conclusion, what can we say about Prince Harry’s inherited wealth and net worth after his royal exit with Meghan Markle?

Overall, Prince Harry’s inherited wealth, combined with his income sources and potential business ventures, has helped sustain his net worth even after his departure from the royal family. While stepping back from royal duties may have affected his financial situation, he still possesses considerable assets and opportunities for future financial growth.

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