Larry Wheels Net Worth 2024: Age, Height, Wife, Wiki, And More

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Larry Wheels Net Worth

Larry Wheels Net Worth

$1.5 Million

Larry Wheels, known for his impressive career as a powerlifter and bodybuilder, has an estimated Net Worth ranging from $1.5 Million.

His inspiring journey from a challenging upbringing in the Bronx to becoming a world-record-holding powerlifter is a testament to his dedication and relentless pursuit of success.

Beyond his impressive powerlifting achievements, Larry is an entrepreneur and a well-known social media personality.

His diverse interests and accomplishments reflect his multifaceted career, making him a noteworthy figure in the fitness industry and beyond.

Larry Wheels Biography table

Full NameLarry Williams
NicknameLarry Wheels
ProfessionProfessional Powerlifter, Bodybuilder
Famous AsWeightlifting, Wrestling
Age28 years (2024)
Date of BirthDecember 3, 1994
BirthplaceThe Bronx, New York City, USA
Larry Wheels Net Worth $1.5 Million.

Early Life of Larry Wheels

Larry Wheels, also known as Larry Williams, was born on December 3, 1994, in the Bronx, New York.

His early years were marked by challenges as his father left the family when he was just a year old.

This left Larry and his mother facing life’s difficulties on their own.

In his formative years, Larry Wheels experienced constant instability.

His mother’s romantic relationships introduced unpredictability into their home.

He had to adapt quickly to a revolving door of new people coming in and out of his life, showing remarkable resilience amid the chaos.

The challenging home environment reached a breaking point.

At the age of six, Larry made a tough choice and sought refuge with his grandmother.

This decision was prompted by his mother’s unfortunate experience of physical abuse in a tumultuous relationship.

Under his strict grandmother’s care, Larry’s upbringing took a different path.

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Life with his grandmother had its own challenges, as Larry adjusted to her strict rules and discipline.

However, this period provided much-needed stability, allowing him to focus on personal growth and development.

As time went on, Larry’s mother offered him a life-changing opportunity.

She invited him to join her on the Caribbean island of St. Martin,

A move that allowed Larry to escape the difficulties of his Bronx upbringing and set the stage for his remarkable achievements in the world of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Exploring Larry Wheels Path in Matters of the Heart

Larry Wheels, the powerhouse in the world of powerlifting and a social media sensation, has had a captivating romantic journey that’s caught the public’s eye.

His relationship status has been the subject of curiosity, and he’s been linked with various individuals.

Presently, Larry Wheels is deeply involved with Nicole Drinkwater, a prominent American model, fitness trainer, and internet personality.

Their love story began in 2019, and although they haven’t tied the knot, their connection appears to be remarkably strong.

In the past, Larry Wheels shared a romantic chapter with Chelsea King, a relationship that garnered substantial public attention.

However, their journey was fraught with challenges, as allegations of physical and emotional abuse surfaced,

With Chelsea King making these accusations against Larry Wheels.

This tumultuous phase ultimately led to the end of their relationship, with Chelsea King even sharing her experiences in a candid YouTube video.

Larry Wheels’ romantic voyage has been a rollercoaster ride

Marked by highs and lows. Yet, his current relationship with Nicole Drinkwater appears to represent a more stable and positive chapter in his personal life, showcasing his resilience in matters of the heart.

Larry Wheels
Image Source – Instagram Larry Wheels

Larry Wheels Relationship History

GirlfriendRelationship PeriodNotes
Nicole DrinkwaterDating (2019 – Present)Larry’s current girlfriend
Chelsea King (Ex)Previous Relationship (Before 2019)Previous girlfriend, mentioned in controversy

Larry Wheels Beginning of a Powerlifting 

Larry Wheels’ journey took a significant turn when he relocated to the Caribbean island of St. Martin.

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This move offered respite from the challenging environment of the Bronx and brought him closer to his mother.

During this period, Larry discovered a deep passion for physical exercise that would shape his future.

Larry Wheels Discovering Passion Amidst Limitations

Despite limited resources, Larry was determined to pursue his newfound passion for fitness.

He turned to calisthenics, performing exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups with unwavering dedication.

It was during these early days that Larry’s resilience and commitment to personal growth began to shine.

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Innovative Solutions Larry Wheels’ Makeshift Barbell

Larry’s creativity and determination knew no bounds.

As he continued his journey into the world of fitness, he faced the challenge of limited equipment.

Undeterred, he fashioned his own makeshift barbell using a simple broomstick and cinder blocks.

This resourcefulness was a testament to his unwavering dedication to his goals.

Larry Wheels Returning to New York with a Purpose

Larry’s life took another turn when he returned to New York. Armed with newfound determination,

He secured a job and took a crucial step towards realizing his dream of becoming a powerlifter.

Larry Wheels The Introduction to Steroids

Larry’s determination to excel in the world of powerlifting was unwavering, but he faced an unexpected challenge.

A friend introduced him to the world of steroids and drugs. Despite being aware of the risks

Larry felt a strong desire to prove himself and achieve greatness.

This decision would test his limits and set the stage for his remarkable journey in powerlifting.

Larry Wheels’ life was a tapestry of determination, creativity, and resilience,

With each challenge he encountered shaping him into the renowned powerlifter and bodybuilder 

Larry Wheel A Remarkable Entrepreneurial 

Larry Wheels’ entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

From his beginnings as a dedicated powerlifter and bodybuilder, he ventured into the realm of business with the creation of the Training Wheels Program.

This innovative program serves as an invaluable resource for those embarking on their fitness journey, offering guidance on muscle development and strength-building.

Larry’s unwavering commitment to excellence is exemplified by the continuous refinements he made to his program, demonstrating that success is often a result of persistent improvement.

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Larry Wheels Forging a Fitness Empire PR Lifestyle

Larry Wheels’ entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed led him to venture into the world of fitness apparel with the establishment of Personal Record Lifestyle, better known as PR Lifestyle.

This brand is not just another fitness clothing line; it’s a testament to Larry’s ambition and dedication to making a mark beyond powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Larry Wheels
Image Source – Instagram Larry Wheels

Larry Wheels A Brand with a Purpose

PR Lifestyle was born with a grand vision of emboldening people on their fitness odyssey.

It goes beyond being mere attire; it stands as a proclamation.

The fundamental objective of the brand is to kindle the flames of inspiration and spur individuals towards surpassing their own limits, setting new personal records, and conquering their fitness aspirations.

Larry Wheels, via PR Lifestyle, endeavors to instill a profound sense of accomplishment and victory in the hearts of those adorning his fitness apparel.

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Larry Wheels Where Quality Meets Style

What sets PR Lifestyle apart is its commitment to quality and style.

Larry Wheels ensured that the brand’s apparel not only met the rigorous demands of athletes but also looked good.

The result is a collection of fitness wear that combines functionality with aesthetics, appealing to both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Larry Wheels Garnering Global Recognition

Through hard work, clever marketing, and a commitment to excellence

PR Lifestyle transcended its startup status to become a globally recognized brand.

People from all corners of the world don PR Lifestyle clothing, proudly representing a brand that symbolizes dedication, strength, and success.

Larry Wheels’ journey in creating PR Lifestyle showcases his ability to excel in diverse fields and to build a brand that inspires and empowers individuals on their fitness journeys.

It’s more than just clothing; it’s a movement that motivates people to set their personal records in fitness and in life.

Larry Wheels Diverse Hobbies and Interests

Beyond his extraordinary achievements in the world of powerlifting and bodybuilding,

Larry Wheels possesses a range of diverse hobbies and interests that contribute to his multifaceted personality.

  • Traveling

Larry Wheels harbors a deep love for exploration and adventure.

Traveling allows him to discover new places, cultures, and cuisines.

It provides him with opportunities to break away from the daily grind, rejuvenate his spirit, and broaden his horizons.

  • Watching Movies

Larry is an avid movie enthusiast.

Whether it’s action-packed blockbusters, heartwarming dramas, or thought-provoking documentaries, he finds joy and relaxation in the world of cinema.

This hobby offers him a chance to unwind and escape into the realm of storytelling.

  • Cooking

Surprisingly, Larry Wheels is quite the adept cook.

He takes pleasure in experimenting with different recipes and cuisines, showcasing his culinary skills.

Cooking not only serves as a creative outlet but also allows him to savor his favorite dishes and explore the world of flavors.

  • Fitness and Training

Unsurprisingly, fitness and training are more than just a profession for Larry; they are also his hobbies.

He finds immense satisfaction in pushing his physical limits, designing workout routines, and constantly striving for improvement.

Fitness isn’t just a job—it’s a passion that fuels his life.

  • Exploring Italian Cuisine

Among the myriad of culinary delights, Larry has a special affinity for Italian cuisine.

Whether it’s savoring a well-crafted pizza, indulging in rich pasta dishes, or relishing delectable desserts, he has a soft spot for the flavors of Italy.

Larry Wheels Social Account 

Social Media PlatformUsername/LinkNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Social Media PlatformUsername/LinkNumber of Followers/Subscribers million follower
YouTubeYouTube Channel2.83 million subscribers
Official for fitness resources and merchandise)
Social Media Platform Table

Larry Wheels Eclectic Car Collection

Larry Wheels possesses a diverse and enviable car collection that reflects his multifaceted lifestyle.

One of the standout vehicles in his collection is the McLaren 570s, a prestigious sports car celebrated for its remarkable speed and agility.

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With a price tag of $205,000, this high-performance vehicle is a testament to Larry’s appreciation for fine craftsmanship and exhilarating driving experiences.

In addition to the McLaren, Larry Wheels also owns a Tesla Model X, an electric SUV known for its innovative technology and eco-conscious design.

Valued at $110,000, this vehicle showcases Larry’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on style and performance.

Larry’s choice of cars exemplifies his dynamic personality

where he seamlessly combines the thrill of high-performance driving with eco-consciousness, creating a car collection that stands as a symbol of his multifaceted lifestyle and success.

Larry Wheels Net Worth

YearEstimated Net Worth
2022$1 million
2024$1.5 million
Larry Wheels Net Worth Table


In conclusion, Larry Wheels, born Larry Williams, is a true testament to the power of resilience and determination.

His challenging upbringing in the Bronx did not deter him from pursuing his passion for powerlifting and bodybuilding.

With world records, a thriving business, and Larry Wheels achived a net worth ranging from $329K to $1.98M, he has achieved remarkable success.

Larry’s transparency about his past steroid use has set a precedent in the fitness industry, earning him respect.

His journey reflects the transformative potential of unwavering dedication and a commitment to personal growth.

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