Phil Mickelson’s net worth and highest career purses on the PGA Tour

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Welcome to this article where we will explore the financial success of professional golfer Phil Mickelson in the world of golf. Throughout his career, Mickelson has not only earned numerous accolades and victories on the PGA Tour but also established himself as one of the wealthiest golfers in the world.

In this article, we’ll examine Mickelson’s net worth, endorsements, and his highest earnings on the PGA Tour, taking you through his incredible journey to success.

Key Takeaways

  • Phil Mickelson is one of the wealthiest golfers in the world, thanks to his successful golf career and entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Mickelson’s net worth is primarily derived from his earnings on the PGA Tour, which includes numerous victories and high-profile endorsements.
  • Throughout his career, Mickelson has taken home some of the highest purse amounts on the PGA Tour, solidifying his status in the golfing world.
  • Mickelson’s successful off-course contributions and philanthropic ventures have also contributed to his legacy, making him an inspirational figure for both golfers and non-golfers.

Phil Mickelson’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Phil Mickelson, born in San Diego, California, on June 16, 1970, grew up in a family of golfers. His grandfather, Al Santos, was the first to introduce him to golf, and his father, Phil Sr., was also an avid golfer and served as his coach.

Mickelson developed a passion for golf at a young age and started playing competitively when he was just six years old. He quickly gained recognition for his talent, winning his first tournament at the age of ten and earning a reputation as a junior golf prodigy.

As he grew older, Mickelson continued to excel on the golf course, winning numerous championships in high school and college. He attended Arizona State University, where he was a standout player on the golf team and won three NCAA individual championships. His success in college golf helped pave the way for his professional career.

“I’ve always loved golf and had a real passion for it. My family was incredibly supportive, and that helped me pursue my dreams,” says Mickelson about his early days in golf.

Mickelson went on to make his professional debut in 1992, and he has since gone on to become one of the greatest golfers of all time. But it was his early life and career beginnings that set the foundation for his future success, shaping him into the golfer he is today.

Phil Mickelson’s Professional Golf Career

Phil Mickelson’s professional golf career spans several decades, during which he has achieved numerous milestones and victories that have cemented his legacy in the sport. His passion for the game and unwavering dedication to improvement have propelled him to become one of the most successful golfers of all time.

Throughout his career, Phil has won a total of 45 PGA Tour events, making him one of the top professional golfers in history. His first PGA Tour win came in 1991 at the Northern Telecom Open, and he has gone on to win many more prestigious tournaments since then.

However, it wasn’t until 2004 that Phil experienced his first major championship win, at the Masters Tournament. This victory was a career-changing moment for him, as it signaled his ability to compete at the highest level of the sport.

In the years that followed, Phil continued to dominate on the PGA Tour, winning four more major championships, including the PGA Championship (2005), the Masters Tournament (2006, 2010), and the Open Championship (2013).

Phil Mickelson's Professional Golf Career

“Phil’s commitment to the game has made him one of the all-time greats, and his influence on the sport will be felt for years to come.”

Aside from his major championship victories, Phil has also been a consistent contender in other major tournaments, including the U.S. Open, the Players Championship, and the Ryder Cup.

Phil’s career accomplishments are a testament to his skill, determination, and love for the game. He has continued to inspire fans and aspiring golfers alike and has cemented his place among the legends of the sport.

Phil Mickelson’s Net Worth

Phil Mickelson’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million, making him one of the wealthiest athletes in the world. His golfing career has been the primary source of his income. Mickelson has earned more than $94 million in prize money throughout his career, with his highest-earning year being 2018, where he earned $4.3 million.

In addition to his tournament winnings, Mickelson has lucrative endorsement deals with companies such as Callaway, Rolex, KPMG, and Workday. These deals have contributed significantly to his overall net worth. It’s estimated that Mickelson earns around $40 million per year from his various endorsements.

Phil Mickelson net worth

Mickelson has also ventured into business, investing in multiple companies, including the ownership of the professional baseball team, San Diego Padres. His business ventures have further added to his impressive net worth.

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Overall, Phil Mickelson has achieved an incredible financial outcome throughout his career, becoming one of the most successful professional golfers both on and off the course.

Phil Mickelson’s Business Ventures

Apart from his remarkable golfing career, Phil Mickelson has forayed into the business world, successfully turning his investment opportunities into prosperous enterprises. His entrepreneurial endeavors have contributed significantly to his overall net worth, making him one of the wealthiest athletes in the world.

One of Mickelson’s most notable investments was his involvement with Fusion-io, a data storage firm that went public in 2011. His initial investment of $1 million in 2008 resulted in a profit of over $50 million after the company went public. He has also invested in several real estate projects and automobile dealerships, showcasing his diverse interests and extensive business acumen.

Furthermore, Phil Mickelson has several endorsement deals with various companies, including Callaway Golf and KPMG, amplifying his business ventures beyond his personal investments. Through these partnerships, he has strengthened his remarkable influence in the business world, making him an attractive figure for corporations seeking to increase their marketability.

Phil Mickelson's Business Ventures

“My approach to business is similar to my approach to golf. I’m constantly seeking to improve and grow, taking calculated risks and investing in areas that align with my passions and values.”

Phil Mickelson’s Highest Career Purses on the PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson is among the top earners in golf history, with an impressive track record of victories and high finishes in various tournaments. Here are some of his highest career purses on the PGA Tour, showcasing his financial success in the sport:

Tournament Year Winning Amount
The Open Championship 2013 $1,846,000
PGA Championship 2005 $1,170,000
WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational 2021 $1,820,000
WGC-Mexico Championship 2018 $1,700,000

These victories and large purses have contributed significantly to Mickelson’s overall net worth, cementing his status as one of the most successful and influential players in the history of the sport.

highest career purses

Phil Mickelson’s Major Championship Wins

Phil Mickelson is known for his impressive golfing skills, most notably his major championship victories. Let’s take a closer look at the major championships that Phil Mickelson has won throughout his career:

Tournament Year Location
The Masters 2004, 2006, 2010 Augusta, Georgia
PGA Championship 2005 Baltusrol Golf Club, New Jersey
Open Championship 2013 Muirfield Golf Links, Scotland
PGA Championship 2021 The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Phil Mickelson’s impressive wins at several major championships, including The Masters, the PGA Championship, and The Open Championship, have solidified his place among the greatest golfers of all time. He remains a fan favorite for his charismatic personality and his ability to come through in clutch moments on the biggest stages.


Phil Mickelson’s Off-Course Contributions and Philanthropy

While Phil Mickelson has achieved great success on the golf course, his off-course contributions and philanthropy work demonstrate his commitment to making a positive impact in the world. Mickelson has donated millions to various charities and causes, showcasing his dedication to giving back and helping those in need.

One of Mickelson’s main philanthropic endeavors is the Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation, which aims to support youth and family initiatives. The foundation has donated to various organizations, including the Boys and Girls Clubs and the Special Olympics.

In addition to his own foundation, Mickelson has supported other charities and causes, including Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and COVID-19 relief efforts through his partnership with Farmers Insurance. Mickelson has also been a longtime supporter of Birdies for the Brave, a nonprofit organization that supports military veterans and their families.

Phil Mickelson’s dedication to philanthropy showcases his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the golf course. His off-course contributions have touched countless lives and demonstrate his desire to give back to the community.

Phil Mickelson’s Endorsement Deals and Sponsorships

Alongside his successful career as a professional golfer, Phil Mickelson has established himself as a highly marketable athlete with numerous endorsement deals and sponsorships. These partnerships not only boost his net worth but also showcase his influence and popularity in the sports industry.

Brands Endorsement/Sponsorship Details
Callaway Golf Phil’s equipment sponsor since 2004. In 2009, they signed him to a lifetime sponsorship deal plus a reportedly 5% stake in the company.
Intrepid Financial Partners Phil is the co-founder of IFP, a financial management company that provides unique investment solutions for athletes and entertainers.
The Greenbrier He signed a deal with the West Virginia resort in 2011, which included contributing in design work for the property’s golf courses.
KPMG The prestigious accounting firm began sponsoring Phil in 2008 and later named him an ambassador of the brand.
Enbrel/Pfizer He has been an ambassador for the pharmaceutical company Enbrel, which treats his psoriatic arthritis, since 2010.
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As evident from the table, Phil’s endorsement deals and sponsorships range across multiple industries ranging from golf equipment to investment solutions. These deals highlight his influence across different segments, establishing him as one of the most marketable athletes in the industry.

Moreover, alongside these ventures, Phil actively engages in philanthropic endeavors that reflect positively not only on him but also on the brands he represents.

Phil Mickelson’s Legacy in Golf

Phil Mickelson’s impressive legacy in golf goes well beyond the course. He has left a lasting impact on the sport, inspiring players and fans alike with his skill, sportsmanship, and philanthropy.

One of Mickelson’s most significant accomplishments is his career Grand Slam, which includes winning the Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship, and PGA Championship. He is one of only a few golfers to achieve this feat and has solidified his place among the greatest players in golf history.

In addition to his major championship victories, Mickelson has also set numerous records and milestones throughout his career, including 44 PGA Tour wins and an induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame. His unique playing style, characterized by his left-handed swing and aggressive approach, has set him apart and made him a fan favorite.

Off the course, Mickelson’s philanthropic contributions have made a significant impact. He has supported numerous charities and causes, including the Mickelson Foundation, which focuses on education and youth initiatives. Mickelson’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond golf underscores his legacy as not only a great athlete but also a great human being.

Overall, Phil Mickelson’s legacy in golf is one of excellence and inspiration. He has left an indelible mark on the sport and will long be remembered as one of its greatest players.


In conclusion, Phil Mickelson’s net worth and highest career purses on the PGA Tour highlight the financial success he has achieved throughout his elite golfing career. From his early life and career beginnings to his major championship victories and business ventures, Phil Mickelson has consistently showcased his dedication and skill in both golf and the business world.

His numerous endorsement deals and sponsorships, along with his off-course contributions and philanthropy, showcase his influence and marketability both on and off the golf course. As his legacy in golf continues to solidify, Phil Mickelson’s impact on the sport and the business world will undoubtedly be felt for years to come.


What is Phil Mickelson’s net worth?

Phil Mickelson’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million.

What are Phil Mickelson’s highest career purses on the PGA Tour?

Phil Mickelson has earned some of the highest career purses on the PGA Tour, including the $2.16 million he won at the 2021 PGA Championship.

How did Phil Mickelson get started in golf?

Phil Mickelson’s golf journey began at a young age, thanks to the influence and support of his family. He honed his skills in college and became a standout golfer at Arizona State University.

How many major championship victories does Phil Mickelson have?

Phil Mickelson has won five major championships in his career: three Masters titles (2004, 2006, 2010), one PGA Championship (2005), and one Open Championship (2013).

What is the source of Phil Mickelson’s income?

Phil Mickelson’s income primarily comes from his tournament winnings on the PGA Tour, as well as lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Callaway, Intrepid Financial Partners, and Rolex.

What business ventures has Phil Mickelson pursued?

Phil Mickelson has ventured into various industries beyond golf, including launching his clothing line, investing in golf course design, and partnering with companies like KPMG and ExxonMobil.

What are some of Phil Mickelson’s highest career purses on the PGA Tour?

Some of Phil Mickelson’s highest career purses on the PGA Tour include his wins at the 2021 PGA Championship ($2.16 million), the 2013 Open Championship ($1.44 million), and the 2007 Players Championship ($1.71 million).

How many major championship wins does Phil Mickelson have?

Phil Mickelson has won five major championships: three Masters titles, one PGA Championship, and one Open Championship.

What charitable causes does Phil Mickelson support?

Phil Mickelson is involved in various philanthropic efforts, including supporting charities such as Children’s Hospital of San Diego and Birdies for the Brave, which benefits military families.

What companies does Phil Mickelson have endorsement deals with?

Phil Mickelson has endorsement deals with notable brands such as Callaway, Amgen, and KPMG, among others.

What is Phil Mickelson’s lasting legacy in golf?

Phil Mickelson’s legacy in golf is marked by his incredible achievements, including his major championship victories, his impressive financial success, and his philanthropic contributions to the sport and beyond.

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