D.C. Young Fly Net Worth 2023: Age, Wiki, Wife and More

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D.C. Young Fly Net Worth

D.C. Young Fly Net Worth

$5 Million

D.C. Young Fly net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, and his profession is primarily as a comedian, actor, and musician.

D.C. Young Fly, real name John Richard Whitfield, is a versatile entertainer known for his work as a comedian, actor, and musician.

He rose to fame through social media platforms like Vine and Instagram with his humorous videos and celebrity roasts.

As a comedian, he’s a regular on the improv comedy show “Wild ‘N Out.” In acting, he has appeared in films like “#DigitalLivesMatter” and “Almost Christmas,” as well as TV shows like “The Quad” and “In the Cut.” As a musician, he has released several mixtapes, showcasing his rap skills.

Bio D.C. Young Fly (John Whitfield)

Full NameJohn Richard Whitfield
Stage NameD.C. Young Fly
Date of BirthMay 2, 1992
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia, USA
ProfessionComedian, Actor, Rapper, Social Media Personality
Social Media RiseGained fame through Vine and Instagram
Notable TV ShowWild ‘N Out
Film Debut#DigitalLivesMatter (2016)
Notable FilmsAlmost Christmas, How High 2, House Party
MusicReleased mixtapes including Trap Soul
PodcastCo-host of The 85 South Show
Personal LifeHas a daughter named Nova; was in a relationship with Ms Jacky Oh (Jacklyn Smith) who passed away in June 2023
Net WorthEstimated around $5 million
AwardsRookie of the Year on Wild ‘N Out, 2019 BET Social Awards
Notable Quotes“My granddaddies were my first comedians.”

D.C. Young Fly Net Worth

D.C. Young Fly, known for his dynamic presence in the entertainment industry, has carved a niche as an actor, comedian, and musician.

His journey from comedy videos on social media platforms like Vine and Instagram to mainstream success highlights his versatility.

D.C Young Fly net worth estimated at around $5 million, he showcases the lucrative potential of digital platforms.

As a cast member of the popular improv comedy television game show, Wild ‘n Out, he gained prominence, which was further amplified by his roles in films such as the stoner comedy sequel How High 2 and the remake of House Party.

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D.C. Young Fly Income Source

D.C. Young Fly financial journey is a testament to his skilled craftsmanship, particularly as a stand-up artist.

His involvement with a production house and the creation of web shows for platforms like Netflix has expanded his income streams.

This foray into digital content creation, especially web series, signifies a strategic shift in his career trajectory, enhancing his earnings.

D.C. Young Fly Net Worth
Image Source D.C. Young Fly Facebook

The Financial Ascent of D.C. Young Fly

Observing D.C. Young Fly’s net worth growth over the years reveals an impressive trajectory.

From 2019, where D.C. Young Fly Net Worth was pegged at $3.2 million, there has been a steady increase, with projections reaching $5 million by 2024.

This growth pattern not only underscores his financial acumen but also reflects the expanding scope of his professional endeavors, spanning across acting, comedy, and music.

In my years of following entertainment careers, I’ve seen many artists rise and fall, but D.C. Young Fly’s path is notably distinct.

His ability to blend quirky humor with a multifaceted talent in both acting and music has set him apart.

Not to mention, his tattoos have become as iconic as his personality, adding to his brand’s uniqueness.

This personal touch, combined with strategic career choices, has undoubtedly played a crucial role in his financial success.

Reflecting on D.C. Young Fly’s career, it’s evident that his diverse talents and savvy business moves have significantly impacted his net worth.

From his early days on Vine to his current status as a household name in comedy and acting, his journey is a compelling narrative of growth and success in the digital age.

D.C. Young Fly Net Worth Over The Years

YearNet Worth
2019$3.2 Million
2020$3.5 Million
2021$3.8 Million
2022$4.2 Million
2023$4.6 Million
2024$5 Million
D.C. Young Fly Net Worth

The Journey of D.C. Young Fly

John Richard Whitfield, widely known as D.C. Young Fly, hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Born on May 2, 1992, he was the youngest in a family of seven siblings.

Life wasn’t easy for him; he encountered numerous challenges while growing up in a tough neighborhood.

Despite these struggles, D.C. Young Fly had a flair for performing. He often participated in his church choir and was known as the class clown at school.

However, his life took a darker turn as he got involved in criminal activities, including selling drugs and being arrested for assault and robbery during his high school years.

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The Turning Point

Despite the trouble he faced, D.C. Young Fly’s passion for entertainment never waned.

He found an escape through social media, where he began to share his comedic talent with the world.

Platforms like Vine, Instagram, and YouTube became his stage, and he quickly gained a following for his humorous skits and charismatic personality.

His ability to make people laugh and connect with his audience catapulted him into the spotlight.

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Rising to Fame

D.C. Young Fly’s breakthrough came when he joined the cast of the popular improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out.

His quick wit and humor made him a standout performer on the show, earning him a dedicated fan base.

This exposure opened up new opportunities for him in the entertainment industry, allowing him to showcase his versatility as a performer.

D.C. Young Fly Net Worth
Image Source D.C. Young Fly Facebook

Building a Legacy

Today, D.C. Young Fly is not just a comedian but a multifaceted entertainer. He has proven that with determination and resilience, it’s possible to overcome life’s challenges and achieve success.

His journey from the streets of Atlanta to becoming a beloved figure in comedy and entertainment is a testament to his talent and perseverance.

A Tragic Loss in D.C. Young Fly’s Life

In the midst of his rising career, D.C. Young Fly faced a heartbreaking tragedy that deeply affected him. His brother, Jacky, passed away under untimely circumstances.

The cause of Jacky’s death remains a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the impact of such a loss on a family.

This event marked a significant moment in D.C. Young Fly’s life, further shaping his perspective and approach to his career and personal growth.

The Tragic Impact of Cosmetic Surgery

The death of D.C. Young Fly’s brother Jacky was a devastating event in his life.

It was reported that Jacky’s untimely demise was due to complications that arose from cosmetic surgery.

This tragedy highlights the potential risks associated with such procedures and serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of carefully considering the implications of undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Career Beginnings on Social Media

John Richard Whitfield, known as D.C. Young Fly, grabbed attention in 2013 with his comedy videos on the video-sharing platform Vine and Instagram.

He gained fame for roasting celebrities like Kevin Hart and LeBron James. These triumphs on social media led to significant opportunities, including a $2 million TV show deal.

Today, his net worth is estimated at $5 million, showcasing his success in the entertainment industry.

His commitment and efforts have earned him a large following on social media, with 13.2M followers on Instagram, 656.8K followers on Twitter, and 1.03M subscribers on YouTube.

D.C. Young Fly’s Social Media Accounts

YouTubeDc Young Fly OfficialDc Young Fly Official
D.C. Young Fly’s Social Media Accounts Table

Distinctive Style

D.C. Young Fly’s distinctive look is part of his appeal.

He has a passion for tattoos, including facial ink, which has become his trademark. His individualistic style and face tattoos reflect his confidence and unique personality.

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Television Career

D.C. Young Fly became a recurring cast member on the VH1 sketch comedy and improv game show Wild ‘n Out in its seventh season, led by Nick Cannon.

He later became a main cast member in 2020. Besides, he has made guest appearances on shows like

The Quad, Mann & Wife, Tales, In the Cut, Dead House, and Dead Ass. He has also hosted MTV’s TRL and been a guest panelist on Hip Hop Squares. D.C.

Young Fly played Jaymo in the sitcom Rel, starring Lil Rel Howery, and appeared in Scream, Grown-ish, and How High 2, alongside Lil Yachty.

Film Career

D.C. Young Fly made his feature film debut in #DigitalLivesMatter, where he played a social media superstar who gets hacked.

He co-produced Hollywood Hearts and appeared in Almost Christmas, Dirty South House Arrest, The Grid as G Money, Armed directed by Mario Van Peebles, I Got the Hook-Up 2, The Trap with Mike Epps and T.I., and House Party alongside Jacob Latimore, Tosin Cole, and Karen Obilom, directed by Calmatic.

Music Career

D.C. Young Fly, also known as John Whitfield, is a multi-talented artist known for his contributions to music, comedy, and acting. In his music career, he has released several mixtapes that showcase his versatility and unique style.

  1. Supplyin’ Pressure: This mixtape likely features D.C. Young Fly’s early work, establishing his presence in the music scene with tracks that blend elements of hip-hop and trap.
  2. Fly Allegiance: This mixtape may highlight D.C. Young Fly’s loyalty to his craft and roots, with tracks that reflect his journey and experiences in the music industry.
  3. If You Didn’t Know Me: This mixtape could focus on D.C. Young Fly’s personal storytelling, sharing insights into his life, struggles, and successes through his music.
  4. Curb Music: This mixtape might showcase D.C. Young Fly’s raw talent and authenticity, with tracks that capture the essence of street life and urban culture.
  5. Trap Soul: This mixtape likely explores themes of love, relationships, and emotions within the context of trap music, blending soulful melodies with hard-hitting beats.

In addition to his solo projects, D.C. Young Fly has collaborated with notable artists in the music industry, including:

  • Juicy J: Known for his work as a rapper, songwriter, and record producer, Juicy J brings his signature style to collaborations, adding depth and energy to tracks.
  • Mike Will Made It: A renowned producer and songwriter, Mike Will Made It has worked with top artists across various genres, contributing his expertise to create impactful and catchy beats.
  • B.o.B: A versatile rapper, singer, and songwriter, B.o.B’s collaborations with D.C. Young Fly likely bring a blend of lyrical prowess and melodic hooks to their joint projects.
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These collaborations showcase D.C. Young Fly’s ability to work with diverse talents, bringing fresh perspectives and creative synergy to his music. Overall, his mixtapes and collaborations reflect his journey as a musician, entertainer, and storyteller in the contemporary music landscape.

Other Media Activities

D.C. Young Fly is also known for his comedy podcast, The 85 South Show, with Clayton English and Karlous Miller. He performs in live comedy shows with Chico Bean. His comedic prowess on Vine and Instagram, especially his celebrity roasts, has brought him widespread recognition.

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Wild ‘n Out

In 2015, D.C. Young Fly joined the VH1 show Wild ‘n Out as a recurring cast member.

His comedic flair quickly made him a mainstay on the show. He shared a memorable love story from his rookie season when he met a girl in a hotel lobby while filming for Wild ‘N Out. Besides his role on Wild ‘n Out, D.C.

Young Fly has made guest appearances on other TV shows such as The Quad, Mann & Wife, Tales, In the Cut, and TRL on MTV. He has also appeared as a panelist on Hip Hop Squares.

D.C. Young Fly Movies

D.C. Young Fly made his film debut in 2016 with #DigitalLivesMatter, which he also co-produced.

He has since appeared in several other films, including Almost Christmas, Armed, I Got the Hook-Up 2, How High 2, and House Party in 2023.

His roles in these films have showcased his versatility as an actor beyond his comedic talents.

D.C. Young Fly Songs

D.C. Young Fly’s mixtapes showcase his prowess in the music industry, particularly in blending comedy with hip-hop elements. Let’s delve into each mixtape to understand how they highlight his skills and style:

  1. Supplyin’ Pressure:
    • This mixtape likely serves as D.C. Young Fly’s introduction to the music scene, showcasing his raw talent, witty lyricism, and comedic flair. Tracks in this mixtape may explore various themes, from personal experiences to social commentary, all while maintaining a lively and entertaining tone.
  2. Fly Allegiance:
    • “Fly Allegiance” could focus on themes of loyalty, unity, and staying true to oneself. The mixtape might feature collaborative tracks with other artists, highlighting D.C. Young Fly’s ability to connect with fellow musicians and create engaging music that resonates with listeners.
  3. If You Didn’t Know Me:
    • This mixtape likely dives deeper into D.C. Young Fly’s personal life and experiences, offering listeners a glimpse into his journey, struggles, and triumphs. The tracks may be introspective, showcasing his storytelling skills and emotional depth.
  4. Curb Music:
    • “Curb Music” might explore urban culture, street life, and the challenges faced by artists in the music industry. The mixtape could feature tracks that blend gritty realism with D.C. Young Fly’s signature humor, creating a unique and relatable listening experience.
  5. Trap Soul:
    • As the name suggests, “Trap Soul” combines elements of trap music with soulful melodies and introspective lyrics. This mixtape could delve into themes of love, relationships, and personal growth, showcasing D.C. Young Fly’s versatility in navigating different musical styles and themes.

In addition to his solo work, D.C. Young Fly’s collaborations with well-known artists like Juicy J, Mike Will Made It, and B.o.B further demonstrate his ability to collaborate with diverse talents and create captivating music. These collaborations likely feature dynamic performances, catchy hooks, and infectious beats, highlighting D.C. Young Fly’s contributions to the hip-hop and music community.

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D.C. Young Fly Podcast

D.C. Young Fly co-hosts the podcast The 85 South Show, which started in 2015. Alongside Chico Bean and Clayton English, he brings his comedic talent to the podcast, which often features live comedy shows. The show has become popular for its humor and insights into the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

In his personal life, D.C. Young Fly is in a relationship with Ms Jacky Oh (real name Jacklyn Smith), and they have a daughter named Nova.

Tragically, Ms Jacky Oh passed away in June 2023 at the age of 32. D.C. Young Fly is also known to be a devoted son to his mother, Betty, and often shares his affection for her, showcasing his identity as a mama’s boy.

He takes pride in being able to provide for his family, including owning a car and a house.

Awards & Achievements

In the entertainment industry, D.C. Young Fly has received recognition for his talents.

He was named Rookie of the Year on Wild n Out by MTV and has participated in the Wild n Out Tour.

He has also hosted Total Request Live and the dance competition show Floored on Quibi. In 2019, he won at the BET Social Awards, alongside Jess Hilarious.

Additionally, his mixtape, Curb Music, has been well-received, further solidifying his presence in the entertainment world.

D.C. Young Fly Net Worth
Image Source D.C. Young Fly Facebook

Favorite DC Young Fly Quotes

“My granddaddies were my first comedians.”

“Every time I get on stage, it’s like improv. I’m not scared of bullies or anybody.”

3 Amazing Lessons From DC Young Fly

Overcoming Odds: Despite an arrest record and a challenging past, he turned his life around through comedy and entertainment.

Embracing Uniqueness: His distinctive tattoo above his eyebrows became a part of his identity, showing the importance of embracing what makes you unique.

Staying Grounded: Despite his success and fame from roasting celebrities like Drake and Meek Mill, he remains relatable and grounded, focusing on family and work-life balance.


D.C. Young Fly estimated net worth is around $5 million, attributed to his roles as a comedian, actor, and musician.

His career trajectory from a social media sensation to a prominent figure in television and film underscores his talent and dedication.

John Whitfield, known by his nickname DC Young Fly, has successfully transitioned into mainstream entertainment, captivating audiences with his dynamic presence and growing following.

His journey serves as an inspiration, highlighting the rewards of hard work and perseverance in the entertainment industry, where he continues to entertain and inspire audiences globally.

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