Scott Hennen Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Wife, Career And More

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Scott Hennen Net Worth

Scott Hennen Net Worth


Scott Hennen, with an estimated net worth of around $100,000, is a distinguished figure in radio broadcasting, notably serving as a partner at Flag Family Media and

Fieldstone Group and as the host of the popular show “What’s on Your Mind.”

His career spans significant roles across various radio stations, including The Flag 1100 AM and KNOX 1310 AM, where he has made substantial contributions to the industry.

Hennen’s success in radio is marked by his deep connection with his audience and his ability to navigate the dynamic landscape of broadcasting.

Bio Table For Scott Hennen

Full NameScott Hennen
Date of Birth1964
Sexual OrientationStraight
OccupationRadio Personality, Pundit
Political AffiliationRepublican
Career HighlightsPartner at Flag Family Media and Fieldstone Group; Host of “What’s on Your Mind”
Notable StationsWDAY Radio, The Flag 1100 AM, KNOX 1310 AM
Career MilestonesFounding and managing The Flag 1100 AM; Return to KNOX 1310 AM; Hosting and syndicating various popular radio shows
Community InvolvementActive in community service, especially during crises like the 2009 Red River flood
FamilyMarried to Maria; father to Alex, Hannah, and Haley
Early LifeInvolved with the Young Republicans in high school; raised by his father, Jerry
Estimated Net Worth$100,000
LegacyKnown for resilience, adaptability in broadcasting, and significant community impact through radio

Introduction Of Scott Hennen

In the landscape of American radio, the name Scott Hennen stands out, especially in the context of North Dakota.

Born in 1964, Hennen’s foray into the world of broadcasting wasn’t just a career choice; it was a calling.

As a male of white ethnicity, he grew up in a time when the radio was a centerpiece of American culture.

Scott Hennen Personal and Family Life

Scott Hennen’s personal life is a testament to his values and beliefs.

As a devoted husband to Maria and a father to Alex, Hannah, and Haley, family has always been central to his life.

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Raised by his father, Jerry, Hennen’s upbringing in a politically aware household, where he was involved in the Young Republicans in high school, undoubtedly influenced his career path as a radio personality and pundit.

Scott Hennen Family
Image Source Scott Hennen Facebook

Scott Hennen Professional Endeavors

His professional journey, marked by his significant role as a partner at Flag Family Media and Fieldstone Group in Fargo, ND, showcases his business acumen and leadership within the media industry.

Scott Hennen With an estimated net worth of around $100,000, he stands as a notable figure in the realm of broadcasting.

As the host of “What’s on Your Mind,” a popular radio show, Scott’s influence extends across North Dakota through AM 1100 The Flag WZFG and AM 1090 KTGO.

His show, which serves as a platform for discussing various topics, primarily focuses on issues pertinent to conservative and Republican viewpoints, further solidifying his stature in the industry.

Career Highlights Of Scott Hennen

With a career rooted in WDAY Radio, Fargo, North Dakota, Scott has established himself as a reputable conservative radio host and pundit.

His work is characterized by a commitment to Republican Party ideals, which he articulately presents to his listeners.

Scott Hennen Beginning: Acquisition of WZFN

In April 2008, a significant development in the North Dakota radio broadcasting scene unfolded when Scott Hennen’s SMAHH Communications of Fargo acquired WZFN from Brantley Broadcast Associates.

Scott Hennen WZFG and the 2009 Red River Flood

During the 2009 Red River flood, WZFG, under Hennen’s leadership, played a pivotal role in disaster response.

The station was granted permission to operate at an increased capacity of 50,000 watts round the clock.

This temporary boost in power was crucial in disseminating vital information and updates during the crisis, showcasing the station’s commitment to community service.

A Shift in Leadership: Departure from Great Plains Integrated Marketing

In a surprising turn of events, Scott Hennen was removed from his position as president and CEO of Great Plains Integrated Marketing in September 2010.

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As reported by The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead and other local media, this decision marked a significant shift in Hennen’s career, highlighting the often unpredictable nature of the broadcasting industry.

Scott Hennen Comeback on AM1100

Undeterred by the challenges, Hennen made a notable comeback to AM1100.

He replaced Sean Hannity with his own afternoon program in late 2010, demonstrating his resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.
However, this stint was short-lived as the program was replaced by the Ed Schultz show in the summer of 2011.

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Scott Hennen Radio Landscape: Changes and Returns

The radio broadcasting landscape continued to evolve with the Rush Limbaugh program moving to “101.9 Talk FM” (KRWK) in March 2012.

However, the Limbaugh program returned to WZFG in September 2013 following KRWK’s return to its rock format.

These changes exemplify the dynamic nature of radio programming and station management.

Sean Hannity Return to WZFG

In a significant development for WZFG and its audience, Sean Hannity returned to the airwaves in September 2014.

His return filled a notable gap in the eastern North Dakota radio market since his departure in 2013, further cementing the station’s position as a key player in the region.

Scott Hennen: A Resilient Voice in Radio Returns to Grand Forks

In a remarkable turn of events in his professional journey, Scott Hennen, a well-known conservative radio talk show host, marked a significant transition in his career in May 2011.

After being released from his position at The Flag 1100 AM in Fargo, a station he originally founded,

Hennen announced his return to Grand Forks, the city where he began his radio career 27 years prior.

Scott Hennen Grand Forks: An “Adopted Hometown”

Expressing great enthusiasm about his return, Scott Hennen shared, “I’m ecstatic about it, I really am.”

His deep connection to Grand Forks is evident.

Having spent a considerable part of his adult life in the city and being married to a Grand Forks woman, he considers it his “adopted hometown.”

This move wasn’t just a professional shift; it was a return to a community that holds significant personal value for him.

Scott Hennen New Beginnings at KNOX 1310 AM

Starting May 31, 2011, Hennen’s talk show began airing on KNOX 1310 AM from 2 to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

This new venture with Leighton Broadcasting’s KNOX not only represented a fresh start but also a continuation of a journey in a familiar market.

The show was also syndicated for broadcast in other markets, expanding Hennen’s reach beyond Grand Forks.

Scott Hennen Household Name in the Broadcasting Community

Jeff Hoberg, the general manager of Leighton Broadcasting, highlighted Hennen’s significant presence in the Grand Forks area, stating, “Scott, having worked in this market for 18 years, he’s certainly considered

a household name here in Grand Forks and up and down the valley.”

Hennen’s reputation and familiarity with the audience made this transition seem like “a perfect fit.”

Scott Hennen with Donald Trump
Image Source Scott Hennen Facebook

Scott Hennen Sudden End at The Flag 1100 AM

This new chapter in Hennen’s career followed a sudden and unexpected end to his tenure at The Flag 1100 AM.

His last broadcast on the station was abruptly cut short by station management, marking an unceremonious conclusion to his time there.

Scott Hennen Social Media Information

Social Accounts Table

Nationality and Public Influence Scott Hennen

An American by nationality, Scott Hennen has become an integral part of the conservative dialogue within the United States.

His contributions to radio broadcasting have earned him recognition and respect, particularly among conservative audiences in North Dakota.

1. Scott Hennen Illustrious Career in Radio Broadcasting

  • Key Roles and Contributions: Detailing Scott Hennen’s positions as a partner at Flag Family Media and Fieldstone Group, and his impact in these roles.
  • Success as a Radio Show Host: Highlighting Hennen’s achievement in hosting the popular show “What’s on Your Mind,” and its influence on his career trajectory.
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2. Involvement in Radio Stations and Syndication Success

  • Foundational Role in Radio Stations: Examining Hennen’s involvement in founding and associating with stations like The Flag 1100 AM.
  • Benefits of Syndication: Discussing how the syndication of his shows across various platforms has positively influenced his career and financial standing.

3. Financial Implications of Media Industry Involvement

  • Potential for Financial Rewards: Analyzing the financial benefits associated with Hennen’s roles, especially considering the advertising revenue and popularity of his shows.
  • Contributions to Personal Financial Growth: Assessing how Hennen’s diverse roles in the radio industry have potentially augmented his financial status.

4. Challenges in Assessing Scott Hennen’s Net Worth

  • Lack of Detailed Financial Data: Addressing the difficulty in accurately estimating Hennen’s net worth due to the absence of specific information about his salary, endorsements, and investments.
  • Conjectural Nature of Net Worth Estimation: Exploring why any estimation of Hennen’s net worth, without comprehensive financial data, remains speculative.

5. The Speculative Financial Landscape of Scott Hennen’s Career

  • A Robust Broadcasting Career: Recognizing the robustness and potential financial success of Hennen’s career in radio broadcasting.
  • Speculative Aspects of Net Worth Valuation: Concluding with insights into the speculative nature of assigning a specific net worth value to Hennen, in light of limited financial information.

Scott Hennen Reflection of His Radio Legacy

Scott Hennen, with an estimated net worth of around $100,000, has had a journey that started from the early days at WDAY Radio in Fargo and showcases his dedication and skill in the broadcasting arena.

His evolution from a local radio personality to a renowned figure in conservative radio across North Dakota speaks volumes about his impact in the field.

While precise quantification of his net worth is challenging, it is inferred from his successful career, including his role as a partner at Flag Family Media and Fieldstone Group, and his influential presence in various radio stations.

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Beyond the Numbers

Scott Hennen’s story extends beyond the figures in his bank account. It’s about the impact he has made on the airwaves and in the hearts of his listeners.

His legacy in radio broadcasting is characterized by resilience, adaptability, and a deep connection to his audience.

Scott Hennen Resonating Across the Valley

Hennen’s influence continues to resonate throughout the valley and beyond.

His career is a reflection of his commitment to his profession and his ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of radio broadcasting, leaving an indelible mark in the industry.

Scott Hennen Net Worth 

Scott Hennen, a prominent figure in the realm of radio broadcasting, has an estimated net worth of around $100,000, although this figure remains speculative due to the lack of detailed financial information.

His primary income sources stem from his extensive career in radio, where he notably served as a partner at Flag Family Media and Fieldstone Group, and from his role as the host of popular shows like “What’s on Your Mind.”

While he has been involved with several influential radio stations including WDAY Radio, The Flag 1100 AM, and KNOX 1310 AM, the specifics of his earnings from these engagements, including potential revenue from show syndication and advertising, are not publicly known.

Additionally, details regarding his investments, endorsements, other income streams, as well as his expenses and liabilities, are not well-documented.

As such, while it is evident that Hennen has had a successful and potentially financially rewarding career, any definitive statement on his net worth without direct financial data would be speculative.

Net Worth Details Of Scott Hennen

Estimated Net Worth$100,000 (Note: This is a speculative estimate)
Primary Sources of Income– Radio Broadcasting Career<br>- Partnership at Flag Family Media and Fieldstone Group
Popular Shows Hosted“What’s on Your Mind”
Radio Stations Involved– WDAY Radio<br>- The Flag 1100 AM<br>- KNOX 1310 AM
Financial Rewards– Income from hosting and syndicating shows<br>- Potential earnings from advertising revenue
InvestmentsNot publicly known
Endorsements and Other IncomeNot publicly known
Expenses and LiabilitiesNot publicly known
Financial Data AvailabilityLimited; makes accurate net worth estimation challenging
RemarksNet worth is largely conjectural without detailed financial information on salary, endorsements, investments, etc.
Scott Hennen Net Worth Table


Scott Hennen’s journey in the world of radio broadcasting is a tale of resilience, adaptability, and commitment to community service.

With an estimated net worth of $100,000, Hennen’s story stands as a testament to the challenges and triumphs that define the broadcasting industry.

His career has been marked by strategic acquisitions, impactful community service during crises, leadership shifts, and programming changes.

Each of these milestones reflects his deep understanding of and connection to his audience, as well as his ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of radio broadcasting.

Scott Hennen’s legacy in the Fargo-Moorhead area is not just about the stations he managed or the programs he hosted; it’s about the impact he made on the community through the power of radio.

His story is a reminder of the enduring relevance of local radio in an age of digital transformation, serving as an inspiration for aspiring broadcasters and media professionals.

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