Angie Goff Salary 2023, Net Worth, Age, Husband, Wiki & More

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Angie Goff Salary

Angie Goff Salary

$70k – $125k

It is estimated that Angie Goff receives a salary that falls within the range of $70,000 to $125,000 and with an estimated net worth ranging from $1 million to $5 million.

Let’s get acquainted with Angie Goff: a seasoned news anchor and skilled journalist who has left an indelible mark on the broadcasting industry. 

Recognized for her adeptness in delivering the latest news and essential updates, her familiar countenance has graced television screens, establishing her as a dependable source for staying informed about current affairs. 

Delve deeper into her remarkable journey below!

A Snapshot of Angie Goff Life

Full NameAngela Goff
Date of BirthMarch 17, 1980
Age43 years (as 2023)
BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
Marital StatusMarried to Robert Ellis
EducationB.A. from George Mason University
OccupationTelevision Journalist, News Anchor at WTTG
ChildrenAdora Kate (born Dec 2, 2010)
Robert IV (born May 31, 2013)
Wren (born Nov 5, 2017)
Zodiac SignPisces
Angie Goff Net Worth$1 Million – $5 Million
Angie Goff Salary$70k – $125k
ParentsRen Goff and Chin Goff
SiblingsPatricia and Jenny

Biography of Angie Goff 

Angie Goff, originally from South Korea and now an American broadcast journalist, holds a prominent position at WTTG, also recognized as “FOX5,” located in Washington, D.C. 

Apart from her broadcasting role, Goff manages the widely followed blog called OhMyGoff, which showcases content created by users. 

In addition to her main role, she also took on the responsibility of being an anchor for NBC News’ Early Today program.

Angie Goff Age and Birthday

Born in Seoul, South Korea, on March 17, 1980, Angie Goff marks her presence in the world as a significant figure. 

With the year 2023 underway, she has reached the age of 43. 

As the calendar flips to March 17 each year, she celebrates her birthday, a day that adds another chapter to her remarkable journey.

Angie Goff Height and Weight 

Angie Goff possesses an average stature, standing at approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall. 

Her physical presence is complemented by a weight of around 70 kilograms. 

These aspects contribute to her overall appearance and reflect her balanced approach to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Angie Goff Family Background

Parents and Siblings Angie Goff upbringing was marked by a life that spanned between the United States and South Korea, owing to her family’s connections with the U.S. Army. 

She now considers Northern Virginia her home, thanks to her experiences as an “Army brat.” Her family consists of her father, Ren Goff, an American who served in the U.S. army, and her mother, Chin Goff, who hails from South Korea. 

Alongside her, Angie shares her journey with two sisters named Tricia and Jenny, who were raised within the same close-knit family circle.

Angie Goff at Seoul American High School

During her youth, Angie Goff spent a part of her early high school years at Seoul American High School in South Korea. 

Notably, she was an active participant in the school’s basketball team, contributing her talents as a guard.

Angie Goff at High School Years in Virginia

Angie Goff’s educational journey also included a transition to Herndon, Virginia. Here, she completed her high school education at Herndon High School. 

Her leadership qualities were evident as she held the position of senior class president during this time

Angie Goff Time at George Mason University

During her time at George Mason University, Angie Goff achieved a significant milestone by earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Her commitment to education went beyond the classroom as she also became a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. 

This involvement not only enhanced her university experience but also added a dimension of community and camaraderie. 

Her academic journey at George Mason University played a pivotal role in shaping her growth and eventual success in the field of journalism.

Angie Goff With Her Friends

The Story of Angie Goff Marriage

Angie Goff’s heartwarming marital story involves her union with her longtime partner, Robert Ellis. Their journey of love led them to exchange vows in the year 2008. Robert, Angie’s husband, is not only her life partner but also the founder and proprietor of Kids 

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First Dental in Columbia Lancaster. 

He plays a significant role as a pediatric dentist in his professional life. Together, Angie and Robert are blessed with a family of five, including their three children: Adora, Robert, and Bren. 

Their enduring bond exemplifies the beauty of a loving and committed partnership.

Parenthood Act in Angie Goff Life

The union of Angie Goff and her husband, Robert, has brought the joy of parenthood into their lives. Their family is composed of three wonderful children: Adora, Robert, and Bren. Adora, the eldest, carries a name that signifies admiration and beauty. 

Robert, the second child, shares his father’s name and represents continuity. Bren, the youngest, adds a touch of uniqueness to their family dynamic.

As parents, Angie and Robert are entrusted with the nurturing and guidance of their children. 

This responsibility involves providing emotional support, imparting values, and creating a loving home environment. Their journey as parents involves experiencing the joys, challenges, and meaningful moments that come with raising a family. 

Through their shared commitment, Angie and Robert contribute to the growth and development of their children as they navigate the beautiful journey of parenthood.

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Angie Goff Family

Mapping Angie Goff Career and Geographic Progress in Angeles

After her time in Los Angeles, Angie Goff embarked on a diverse career path, which led her to various locations across the United States. 

Her professional journey included stops in states like Iowa and South Carolina, offering her opportunities to enhance her skills and expand her network.

Angie Goff Return to Washington D.C 

Angie Goff’s career journey came full circle as she found her way back to Washington, D.C. 

The city held special significance for her, given that it was a place where she spent a considerable part of her formative years.

Torrance CitiCable in Los Angeles 

Angie Goff’s path in broadcasting began in Los Angeles, where she took her first steps into the world of television reporting. She joined Torrance CitiCable, a public-access television cable station, as she started to learn the ins and outs of the media industry.

Angie Goff Assisting Her Entertainment Tonight As Anchor Role

While in Los Angeles, Angie’s determination led her to a valuable opportunity. She became the personal assistant to Mark Steines, who was a notable anchor for Entertainment Tonight. This experience gave her a unique perspective into the workings of entertainment news and allowed her to learn from established professionals.

Angie Goff Salary

Angie Goff Reporting Adventures

Angie’s journey wasn’t confined to one place. After her time in Los Angeles, she moved to Sioux City, Iowa. Here, she embraced the role of a morning anchor and reporter at CBS affiliate KMEG-TV. The experience of working in the Midwest brought a new set of challenges and insights.

Angie Goff Growing in Columbia, South Carolina 

Columbia, South Carolina, became the next stop on Angie’s journey. From 2004 to 2007, she dedicated herself to WIS-TV, working as both a news anchor and a reporter. Her dedication and hard work during this time were rewarded with a regional Emmy Award, highlighting her exceptional contributions to journalism.

Broadcasting Stories by  Angie Goff Lens in Washington, D.C

Returning to Washington, D.C., Angie made a notable impact in the media landscape. From 2007 to 2011, she became a prominent figure at WUSA, a CBS affiliate. Her role as a traffic and entertainment reporter allowed her to connect with the local audience while establishing her presence in the nation’s capital.

Angie Goff Friends

Unveiling Angie’s Presence Behind the Microphone on ‘Kirk and Mike

Angie’s versatile career saw her stepping into the world of radio. She joined “105.9 The Edge,” a DC radio station, as part of the “Kirk and Mike” morning show. This experience broadened her reach and allowed her to engage with listeners on a more personal level.

Digital Impact and Conversations About Parenting by Angie Goff

Angie’s influence extended beyond traditional broadcasting. Her blog,, gained prominence and was ranked highly among blogs in Washington, D.C. The impact of her insights also reached the national stage as she contributed to the Today show’s Parenting Team, discussing relevant topics on air.

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Exploring ‘The Oh My Goff Show’ by Angie Goff

In 2019, Angie took another ambitious step by launching “The Oh My Goff Show,” a podcast/vodcast that allowed her to have in-depth conversations and share stories with a broader audience. The platform showcased her versatility as a storyteller and communicator.

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WTTG News Welcomes Angie Goff

Continuing her journey in Washington, D.C., Angie joined WTTG in 2019. Her roles as a news anchor for the station’s 4pm newscast and a participant in the “Like It Or Not” roundtable for the 7pm slot showcased her adaptability and continued growth as a broadcasting professional.

From her humble beginnings in Los Angeles to her multi-faceted roles across different mediums and locations, Angie Goff’s broadcasting journey reflects her unwavering dedication to journalism and her commitment to engaging with audiences in meaningful ways.

Angie Goff’s Impact at FOX 5 

With over a decade of experience, Angie Goff has had the privilege of delivering news stories directly from the heart of the nation’s capital. Her reporting journey has taken her from the political caucuses in Iowa to the hurricanes in South Carolina, and even across the ocean to cover events like the Royal Wedding.

Angie’s role as a news anchor has also seen her at the forefront of significant breaking stories. She covered the tragic Charleston church massacre, provided insights during Pope Francis’ U.S. visit, and reported on the Congressional baseball shooting in Alexandria.

Beyond the news desk, Angie is deeply connected to her community and has a strong presence on social media platforms. She’s known for her quirky podcast, “The Oh My Goff Show,” which brings a touch of fun to weekly discussions on YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

Angie Goff At Fox News Room

Prior to her time at FOX 5, Angie made her mark at NBC Washington, where she not only anchored but also took on roles at TODAYShe also took on the role of hosting for “Early TODAY” and MSNBC.

Angie’s journey began at George Mason University, where she earned her degree before venturing into broadcasting with a start at Entertainment Tonight in Los Angeles. She then explored various opportunities across the U.S., from Iowa to South Carolina, before ultimately returning to Washington.

Her upbringing, straddling both the U.S. and South Korea, shaped her perspective. Now settled in Northern Virginia, Angie embraces her identity as an “Army brat” and has made McLean her home. Alongside her husband and children, she continues to leave her mark as an integral part of the journalism community.

Angie Goff’s Collaborations with FOX 5 DC Anchors and Reporters

Among the accomplished team at FOX 5 DC, Angie Goff collaborates closely with the following renowned anchors and reporters:

1.Jim Lokay

2.Marina Marraco

3.Wisdom Martin

4.Marissa Mitchell

5.Caitlin Roth

6.Mike Thomas

7.Gwen Tolbart

8.Maureen Umeh

9.Tucker Barnes

10.Rob Desir

11.Tom Fitzgerald

This collective effort underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality news coverage and maintaining FOX 5 DC’s reputation for excellence in journalism.

Angie Goff Salary 

It is estimated that Angie Goff receives a salary that falls within the range of $70,000 to $125,000. 

Her compensation reflects the value she brings to her role as a dedicated and experienced journalist. 

While her exact earnings may vary, this salary range acknowledges her contributions to the field of broadcasting and her position at FOX 5 DC.

Exploring Angie Goff Net Worth

Angie Goff’s Monetary Value Angie Goff’s financial standing is estimated to range from $1 million to $5 million

This financial achievement stems from her thriving broadcasting career, highlighting her accomplishments and contributions within the field.

Angie Goff’s Active Social Media Presence

Angie Goff actively engages with her audience across various social media platforms. You can find her on:

Social Media PlatformUsernameNumber of Followers
Twitter@AngieGoffOver 58.8k
Instagram@ohmygoffOver 42.4k
FacebookAngie GoffOver 344k
Social Platforms

Feel free to connect with her on these platforms to stay updated with her latest insights, news, and interactions.

In Conclusion

Her diverse upbringing and career shifts emphasize the limitless nature of dreams and the importance of adapting to change. Through active engagement on social media, she showcases the impact of staying connected with others. Balancing her roles as a wife, mother, and journalist highlights the potential for success in multiple areas of life.

Collaborations with fellow anchors underscore the strength of teamwork, while her dedication to storytelling demonstrates the influence of pursuing passions. Angie’s journey reminds us that sharing our stories can inspire others and leave a lasting impact.

In essence, Angie Goff’s path is a reminder that life is a tapestry of experiences, relationships, and growth, inspiring us to navigate our own journeys with authenticity and resilience.

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