Tim Pool Net Worth in 2024 – How He Turned Content into Cash?

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Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool Net Worth

$5 Million

In 2023, Tim Pool Net Worth believed to have around $5 million. That’s a lot of money!

The talented American who talks on podcasts, comments on politics, makes videos on YouTube, and writes news stories.

He became really popular when he showed the Occupy Wall Street protest live on the internet in 2011.

Tim Pool: Profile and Details

Full NameTimothy Daniel Pool
Birth DateBorn on March 9, 1986
Birth PlaceHails from Chicago, Illinois
ProfessionRenowned YouTuber, Journalist, and Podcast Host
PartnerCurrently single
NationalityProudly American
Net WorthEstimated at $5 million
EarningsGenerates over $500,000 annually
Monthly IncomeEarns more than $40,000 per month
Age37 years old
HeightStands at 5 feet 10 inches (179 cm)
WeightWeighs approximately 82 kg (180 lbs)
OccupationRecognized American YouTuber
LocationResides in the United States
Common PraiseAcknowledged for hard work and unwavering message
Notable ComplaintsDraws criticism, notably due to recent involvement
X-FactorFearlessly embraces controversy
Creator TrendsAttracts attention on social media platforms
Private LifeKeeps personal life private to prevent doxxing

This article will tell you more about Tim Pool’s money, how he earns it, his job, his personal life, and other interesting stuff.

Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool has earned around $5 million through his various activities.

He makes a living by hosting a podcast, creating videos on YouTube, sharing his thoughts on politics, and working as a journalist and became famous for streaming live videos of a major protest known as Occupy Wall Street in 2011.

He also worked with Vice Media and Fusion TV later on.

In the year 2023, it’s estimated that he earns about $500,000 annually. His main sources of income are his YouTube videos, journalism work, and endorsements for products he likes.

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For every thousand times people watch his videos on YouTube, he earns approximately $3 to $7. You can learn more about the Occupy Wall Street protest here and about Fusion TV here.

Tim Pool Soaring Net Worth Over the Years

YearNet Worth
2023$5.0 Million
2022$4.5 Million
2021$4.0 Million
2020$3.5 Million
2019$3.1 Million
Tim Pool Net Worth Table

Breaking Down Tim Pool YouTube Earnings

Tim Pool’s YouTube journey began in 2016 when he left Vice News and started his own channel. Since then, his channel has become one of the most popular places for news on YouTube.

He has over 1.2 million people who subscribe to his channel. Tim talks about different things happening in politics and society around the world. People really like his unique way of reporting.

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On his YouTube channel, Tim shows live coverage of events and gives his thoughts about the news. He often works with other YouTubers and reporters, so his viewers get lots of different opinions.

Apart from YouTube, Tim also sells things like t-shirts and hats, which helps him earn more money.

Because he’s so popular on YouTube, he gets invited to talk at events and appear on TV shows like The Joe Rogan Experience and The Rubin Report.

In short, Tim Pool has become a big name on YouTube by talking about news.

Tim Pool Net Worth

He makes money from ads on his videos. Since many people watch his videos (about 5.85 million each month), he could be making around $23 thousand every month, which adds up to about $276 thousand a year.

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He might also get paid to talk about things in his videos and sell his own stuff for extra money.

Tim Pool’s YouTube channels:

1. Timcast

  • Tim Pool’s main channel
  • Created on: December 22, 2011
  • Subscribers: Approximately 1.35 million

2. Timcast IRL

  • Focuses on video podcasts and short clips
  • Provides a different format from the main channel

3. Cast Castle

  • Dedicated to personal vlogs
  • Tim shares his daily life and experiences

Diving into Tim Pool’s Energetic Social Media Universe

Social PlatformFollower CountLink
TwitterOver 1.5 millionAccess Twitter
YouTubeGarnering 1.5 millionWatch YouTube
InstagramBoasting 374KExplore Instagram
FacebookAccumulating 288KVisit Facebook
Tim Pool Social Handles

How Tim Pool Uses His Money?

Tim Pool has used his money in different ways. He’s working on making a special place with a skate park and bar.

He’s also looking for a new house and even got some chickens. He doesn’t spend a lot on fancy things for himself.

He got a Lexus and a Jeep Rubicon in 2022, but mainly for his work. Tim likes to invest in things that are important for his business instead of spending too much on himself.

Tim Pool Early Life 

He was born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 9, 1986. He grew up on the South Side of the city and went to a special school when he was young.

His family changed when his parents separated, and he moved with his mom and brothers to a different part of Chicago.

When he was in school, Tim really liked skateboarding and listening to punk rock music.

After he finished school, Tim went to a bigger school called the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

He studied computer stuff there, but after one year, he decided to leave and do something else. He wanted to be a journalist.

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First, he wrote stories, and then he started making videos for the news.

Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool’s Inspiring Journey:

On September 20, 2011, Tim Pool joined the Occupy Wall Street protests and met Henry Ferry, who used to work in real estate. They decided to start a media company called ‘The Other 99’.

Tim started showing the protests live on his phone and talked to people watching through live chat. In November, he covered the Occupy Wall Street eviction for 21 hours without stopping.

He also used drones to film from above, which made some people wonder if it was too invasive.

TV stations like NBC showed Tim’s videos. He was even thought about for a list of important people by Time magazine, because he showed that live streaming could be a good way to share news.

This was also said by The Washington Post.

Later, Tim worked with Vice Media. He made content, hosted shows, and came up with new ways to report news. In 2013 and 2014, he live-streamed big protests in Ukraine, which helped make the government change.

He also reported on the problems in Ferguson, and protests in Thailand, Turkey, and Egypt. In 2013, he won an award for being good at using social media to report news.

And In 2014, he got a job at FusionTV where he made new things and reported important stories. Again In 2014, he helped make an app called ‘Taggy.ly’ that puts a mark on pictures.

In 2016, he reported on riots in Milwaukee. In 2017, he went to Sweden to find out about issues with refugees and places that people said were not safe. He got money from Watson to do this.

In 2019, he was on a podcast called ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, and he went to an event at the White House that President Trump invited him to.

He also started a news company called ‘Subverse’ and raised a lot of money very quickly.

In July 2022, Tim wrote an article for Newsweek magazine because he didn’t like how he was shown in a video from a hearing about the January 6 Attack.

He felt that people were not understanding him correctly.

Tim Pool’s Relationship

As of 2023, there are speculations regarding Tim Pool’s relationship status. Recent reports suggest that he is currently dating Violet Summers, who is known for her presence on Instagram and her work as an adult actress.

While there were earlier mentions of him being in a relationship with someone named Allison, the details remain uncertain.

Contact Information of Tim Pool

If you wish to get in touch with Tim Pool, you have several options.

 You can reach out to him through his provided contact information, including his phone number (917-853-8854) and email addresses




Additionally, Tim is active on various social media platforms “We already mentioned above” 

If You Want an Autograph from Tim Pool

If you’re interested in getting an autograph from Tim Pool, you can send an autograph request letter along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the official autograph request mailing address: 

Timothy Daniel Pool PO Box 1229 Frederick, MD 21702 USA

To sum up

To wrap it up, Tim Pool is a successful journalist and a popular YouTuber, and he’s estimated to be worth around $3 million.

He’s really good at talking about important things happening in the world, especially in politics and society. People really like the way he talks about stuff.

Even though he’s successful, Tim stays down-to-earth and keeps being a voice for regular folks.

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